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  • 27.5 x 1.9 tyres – gravel bike
  • nwmlarge
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    I have a Whyte Glencoe.

    I would like to fit knobbly tyres to it, I have a Hutchinson Taipan 2.1 on the front which is fine as it has massive front forks.

    The rear has narrow stays and the 2.1 will not clear.

    I know a 1.9 Crossmark will fit but I can’t find one in the UK for toffee.

    Please can you suggest any others I should be looking at ?

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    My Sagauro’s are a (small) 2.0 and are great fast summer and estate road tyres.

    I think we had a Bontrager xr2 in 1.8 flavour before.

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    What you need is a 650b tyre, forget about 27.5 you wont find any of them. Also forget about looking for a 1.9″ you will have better luck finding a 47mm.

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    Thanks all, I have ordered a trail king in a 2.0 as its a 50 Ertro so that should fit.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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