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  • 26er v 29er. Which is the best…
  • …thread ?
    there’s a few to choose from

    Should I read one where people simply repeat the same old cliches “…rolls better…”, “…better through tight, twisty stuff…” etc. ?

    Should I read one with lots of science and mentions of inertia and angular velocity ?

    Or should I read one where someone has formed an opinion by riding one unfamiliar bike a short distance ?


    So this isn’t even a ‘what wheel size’ thread. It’s a ‘what wheel size thread’ thread?


    Pinkbike had a good article…

    29er faster
    26er more fun


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    What you should do is not give a monkeys. 🙂

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    I am sooo sick of this debate. Why does one have to be “better” than the other? Some people prefer 26″, some prefer 29″.

    I know Bregante but some people have trouble with that concept ……


    The answer is fatbike! 26″ wheel with a **** off big tyre to make it 29″. All bases covered and it’s good in the snow.


    It’s like watching rats trapped in a maze from which they cannot escape.

    [alert] the usual suspects to this thread, please [\alert]

    What you should do is not give a monkeys.

    Yes, I know, but I ride a mix of 47% stone double track, 23% road, 38% single track, with a an average root diameter of 76mm spaced 3.9m apart.
    The gradient averages 1:20, with a maximum climb of 1:5 and a maximum descent of 1:3.5.
    Most of the corners are about 12m radius, although some of the sharper ones are only about 2m radius. They are about 6m apart and generally alternate between left and right, although I occasionally make two left hand turns in succession.
    Therefore, it is vitally important that I ask someone else’s advice as to what size wheels I should have.

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    Do you by any chance have a bit of time on your hands this morning? 😉

    If you have two lefts in succession you need a 29er.
    If you have two rights in succession you need a 26er.


    I cannot help I’m afraid. Your calculations are incorrect therefore any advice offered would potentially lead you down the wrong path to the enlightenment you were hoping for.

    Surely Graham is taking the proverbial……? Relax everyone, as you were….

    Far more importantly, was Lance, is wiggo………?


    @Khani made me laugh out loud which takes alot !


    Maybe singletrackworld should create a separate thread theme especially for the 26 v 29 debate?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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