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  • StuF

    My daughter (9 – nearly 10) has a 26 Giant MTX, it’s an older y-shape frame – it’s a nice bike but not very light. It does have a low standover so it’s suitable for smaller people.

    I picked it up on ebay for about £100. I’d offer to sell it but 2 younger sisters have their eyes on it.


    Last year I picked up an old steel hardtail frame and forks from the classifieds here.

    My daughter (then 7) was starting to outgrow her 20″ Isla Beinn and with her birthday due in February I figured I could build something nice light and unique for less than the 26″ Isla equivalent.

    I did, it’s not fancy in a modern way but it’s nice and tidy and has the coloured details that she wanted.

    The plan was to let her have this for her birthday and let her keep riding the Isla bikes until she was ready to properly move up. Whilst it is a bit too big for her she loves riding it and won’t use the little bike now.

    She’s fairly tall for her age, somewhere between 135-140cm.

    The point being that yhou can build something tidy for sensible money, espcially if you have a parts box to raid. Isla bikes are still ahead of the mainstream brand equivalents (albeit a few quid more) but it gives you a chance to get bits that you want rather than buying a complete bike with compromises.

    Here’s a pic, saddle is dropped for riding and it now has gold coloured grips. it’s a Jamis not an Orange but I saw the stickers on Ebay and couldn’t resist.


    Hi to all

    I’m really hoping someone out there can help me in my search for a good quality bike (Ridgeback MX, Specialized Hotrock, Islabike Beinn etc) for a single parent struggling to match a tight budget with the above aspiration..!

    My daughter is 10 – about 135cm tall, quite slim and light for her age. In her early years, she had a succession of cheap, secondhand, pretty heavy, no gear bikes that have all served a purpose but for her 9th birthday I managed to find a secondhand MX20 that I could afford.

    After her previous bikes, she’s really loved having a lighter bike with gears that she can really enjoy. However, she’s (inconveniently and expensively!) put on a growth spurt and now (I think) needs a much bigger bike. Frankly she looks a bit ridiculous riding around on what now looks like a very small bike even with the seat post at its highest!

    If I’m honest, she’s perhaps not quite tall enough right now for a 26″ (although I understand that an Islabike 26″ is smaller than most other makes?), but I think she’ll be able to ride one with confidence as she ‘grows into it’ so to speak.

    I’m having real difficulty finding a suitable bike (lightweight, geared, good components etc) for her. I’ve tried eBay, Gumtree, local bike shops and local ads – all to no avail so far. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas or perhaps even have a bike themselves their child(ren) no longer need that would fit the bill…?

    All suggestions/ideas/bike offers very gratefully received.

    Many many thanks to all who respond…:-)

    PS. I’m based in SW London but am also often in West Yorkshire


    st – that’s a very nice looking bike. All credit to you!

    My daughter’s current MX20 is still pretty heavy so looking to find something lightweight with decent quality components. Looks like an Islabike Beinn 26″ (small or large) is top of the list. Don’t suppose anyone has one or something similar? 😕


    I’ve got a Beinn 24 (large I think) that will be available at some point in the not too distant future. Very good condition indeed.


    sharkbait – I have sent you an email. Btw, do you mean a 26″ Beinn (which has small and large sizes) as I can’t see any mention of the 24″ coming in different frame sizes?

    Cheers 🙂

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