26" Wheel in a 650b Fork?

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  • 26" Wheel in a 650b Fork?
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    I am looking at getting new forks but want to ‘future-proof’ – can I run my current 26″ wheels in a 650b fork until they break then get 650b wheels? I know it will affect the height/head angle very slightly but I don’t see a reason why it won’t work…….



    Surely the only difference (other than marketing 😆 ) is the arch will be a tad higher – running 26″ in 650B will just mean you get awesome mud clearance height wise


    it’ll be fine.


    There was a picture somewhere of a YETI I think ? That was a 650b but had 26″ wheels on it, I thought it looked quite good ?

    I had a crosser when I was younger RM 125 with wheels off an RM 80 it reminded me of that so that’s the recconing behind my theory?

    Do it, and then upgrade the wheels at a later date if it does eventually take off,

    You’re looking at gaining maybe 15mm of axle-crown height, so a sagged 120mm 650b fork will give you the same geometry as a sagged 140mm 26″ fork. And a ton of mud clearance!

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    Cheers, kind of what I thought 😀

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    The only thing that might cause bother- usually the arch flares out around the tyre, so with the tyre sitting slightly further “in” you might lose some clearance. But the odds of that being a problem seem slim

    b r

    Put a big 2.4 tyre in to fill any of the gap?

    tbh My 26″ 140mm fork has died and I’ve been considering options like this too.

    My X-Fusion Vengeance are for 26″ wheels but can also accept 650b – apparently


    if it’s a true 650b fork it will have increased offset so might be a little twitchy with the smaller wheel.
    as said, the x-fusion forks cater for both but I’m not sure if they are inbetweener offset-wise or just sitting on the old 26″ offset and making do.


    It will slacken the bike abit so more fun

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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