26″ Tubeless ready XC wheels – recommendation or WHY?

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  • 26″ Tubeless ready XC wheels – recommendation or WHY?
  • flatjack

    Looking for a 26″ rear to replace damaged wheel but not finding many options.

    Would anyone recommend a reasonably priced 26″ XC wheel that is tubeless ready?

    Seems like a very small market now?

    Many thanks

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    What do you call reasonably priced? One man’s reasonable is another man’s bling.

    What have you got and does it need to match?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    There’s some brilliant value rims out there- £18 for a WTB Stryker XC rim at CRC (the weights are wrong btw) or £28 for a KOM i23, frinstance. Set of decent hubs spoked with Lasers would give a reliable XC wheel (not race-day XC, everyday XC) for a good low price.

    New wheels don’t seem to be such a good buy, I guess because they just stopped doing them, and they became a 650b wheel and a discounted rim instead. But light, used 26 parts are pretty cheap (it seems like tougher 26 parts are holding a bit more value). Roval Controls and Traversees can be a good one, though you’ve got to be sure not to get the crappy OEM versions, and they’re awkward for parts- but you see them going past for £100 sometimes and that’s silly for what you get.

    Premier Icon dukeduvet

    Pro build chosen with Alex rims at merlin get good reviews. 110 quid for a rear wheel.

    I would look at some used hope/stans crests. Light, easy to service. Pair I had were great.still have them but likely rebuild them as 27.5+

    Few other options on Merlin from shimano and mavic look at halo vapours too


    Many thanks all for the replies, much appreciated.

    Pro build/Alex at Merlin look ideal for price and spec.


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    weigh 1650g reasonably wide

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