26" road tyre recommendations?

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  • 26" road tyre recommendations?
  • bigyinn

    Im looking to use my fully rigid bike a little more often on the road to get some miles in.
    Only got a few requirements:-
    Low rolling resistance
    Durable. (Do I need puncture proofing?)
    Does narrow = faster at the expense of grip? Im looking at something <1.5″ wide
    Suggestions please?

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Been a while since I used them, but Specialized Fatboy? Commuted in London on em for a couple of years, no complaints about durability or rolling resistance.


    Oh and at the moment I’ve a Bonti Satellite 1.5 on the back and a Conti Sport Contact 1.6 on the front if it helps?

    Conti Sport Contact 1.3 are very good


    Ran a set of 26″ Continental Grand Prix 28mm folding – black chilli compound on my mountain bike at a recent sportif type event. Really light tyres with puncture protection, rolled very well (I ran them at 90psi).

    They seemed to work well – loads of grip. On tight twisty descents I was hooning past road bikes. My gearing was the main limiting factor (40 tooth big ring).

    Premier Icon kimbers

    you definately want puncture protection

    schwable martathon plus ftw
    2 years no punctures
    bit heavy but roll well ,last ages and get good grip even in the wet
    I run 1.5s


    geax street runner 1.6 nice and tall very comfy pretty good puncture resistance though quite heavy. pretty cheap too

    I picked up a couple of Vittoria Randonneurs for a tenner each from somewhere for the SS.
    Can’t fault them.
    Wiggle have them for £15 just now


    Looking for slick / minimal treads, some of those look more like a commuter tyre!
    I guess im basically after a road bike tyre in 26″, less than 1.5″ wide.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Can’t comment on longevity yet for my Kojaks, but they’re fast, they’re reasonably grippy, they weigh nowt, they’ve apparently got some level of cut protection (never punctured them, can’t comment)… Really they’re just a road tyre that happens to be a bit wee. Very good.

    Kojak’s here too. Very pleased with them. Used to run them on my mtb for commuting, now have them in 700c for the CX bike to commute on.


    Conti Grand Prix, narrower the better. I’ve tried quite a few others and found these to be by far the best.

    Of the others… Conti Sport Contacts are cheap + tough but heavy. Specialized AC Pro are terrible, really wooden and a bit too spendy.


    Schwalbe CityJets. I’ve always used 1.5s, but they do 1.9s too.


    Sounds like Grand Prix are what Im after then.

    Thanks all.


    Schwalbe kojaks for me to, 1.5 wide, awesomely quick tyres, although there slicks I’ve never had a problem with grip, I run mine all year round on my daily commute.

    Also had them on for 2 years now, so excellent longevity so far


    I have a pair of little used Schwalbe Marathon Plus (26×1.5?) for sale – email me if you’re interested.

    Premier Icon binners

    Another vote for Schwalbe City Jets. I’ve used the chunkier 1.9’s for years. They appear to be totally puncture-proof. Cheap as chips too

    Premier Icon Ben_H

    It’s worth noting that the rolling circumference of a 26-inch wheel with 2.2 tyres is close to that of a 700c wheel running a 28c tyre.

    I have a Cotic Soul and a Cotic X and will shortly be trying the X’s 700c wheels to see how I manage a 14-mile commute.

    Premier Icon ddmonkey

    I have been using some skinny Continental SportContact tyres for over a year on my commuter, have not had any puntures and they are grippier than they look unless you hit a wet tramline wrong. Or loose gravel. I still have the scars….


    Have ordered a pair of brand new Conti Grand Prix 1.1″ folders off the bay of e for a measly £19.95 (for two). Ordered some 1″ tubes to go with them.
    The HT should be a little more sprightly when these are fitted. 😀

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