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  • 24hr solo food / those pots reviewed on STW?
  • I use:

    Tesco Granola tray bake (it’s jolly nice), boil in the bag food (military rat pack style), salted nuts, Pringles, High 4:1 in my bottles. It works for me 😀


    Interested too.

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    you should eat what you train on otherwise you run the risk of your body getting upset by the sudden influx of new food. Not ideal on a long race. Hence Im not a gel fan

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    This dude had some good advice
    I think gnocchi was high on the list as it took less effort to eat when knackered 🙂

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    Can anyone recommend me some ideas for a 24hr solo food plan please? And, can anyone remember those one meal pastas in a handy pot reviewed in the mag?


    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Start: Pie (Beef)
    2 Hours: Bag of crisps and slice of pizza
    5 Hours: Can of Stella and a sausage role
    7 Hours: Curry and another Stella
    10 Hours: Take a nap
    17 Hours: Full English
    20 Hours: Chocolate Bars
    23 Hours: Two cans of Stella

    That should see you right.


    I use tend to avoid gels and such like and concentrate on using easy to eat and digest ‘normal’ food like peanut butter sandwiches, jam Sandwiches cut up small into bite size pieces. also Pringles, popcorn, banana’s and I make up my own rice cakes.

    Make sure you hydrate properly don’t over hydrate and flush all the electrolytes outs of body and conversely don’t drink too little. As with the food I tend to avoid or at least minimise the use of energy drinks, if I do use them I make them up quite dilute.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Real food in small portions, and savoury.

    I had 1/2 fajita wraps spread throughout the night and I found myself craving salty meaty things so some sausages went down rather well.


    Those little individual cheeses you can get and Pepperamis are great savoury treats on long rides.


    Forgot about rice pudding in sandwich bags. bite into the bag suck the rice out

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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