24" wheels in a 26" wheel frame (very small one though)

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  • 24" wheels in a 26" wheel frame (very small one though)
  • I’ve can get my hands on a 13″ specialized stumpy frame from a few years back (disc compatible) and want to build it up for the smaller person.

    A couple of questions if you can help me out:

    would there be any issue in using 24″ wheels? Any recommendations for lightweight 24″ disc wheels, factory or custom builds?
    Would you consider a 24″ fork or just use a 26″ one?

    axle to crown on the 26 is longer so would raise the BB a touch and slacken it slightly (shortening TT?) anything else?


    Overall the BB will be lower even with a 26 fork.


    I have seen it done and it seemed to work fine. Small frame, standard forks, 24″ wheels. I will probably do the same for my son as he moves off his 24″ bikes but will probably use short BMX race cranks to reduce the issue of a low BB.

    I’d just use 26inch wheels.


    I looked into this on my son’s 13.5 trek 4800, LBS put me right off, BB will be way too low, shorter cranks and forks, and totally mess with geometry, I was tempted to do it anyway as an experiment, then hey presto he had a growth spurt and 26-er was perfect, just turned the riser stem upside down emily batty stylee, looks like a mini 29-er.


    I bought a kona 120 supreme 13 inch frame for my 12 yr old. Transferred all the kit off his 24 inch kona HT and added some old marzocchi 100 mm forks. All very sweet. It was perfect for Pyrenees this summer. Short cranks will really help. You’ll find some cheap 24 inch wheels on eBay. As he grows I’ll stick 26 inch wheels on. After that he’ll be after my bike.

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    TT length would be mahooosive.
    13″ Specialized ‘from a few years back’ in womens flava…with eldest son on at 4’11”

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    b r

    I’d just use 26inch wheels.

    Knob. 🙄

    I bought a set of 24″ from CRC, decent width rims built up on Deore hubs. Ran them with a 26″ fork until my son had long enough legs that he could move onto 26″ wheels.

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