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  • 2.4 rubber queen mis shaped
  • Premier Icon mboy

    Mr nextdaytyres how comes you don’t stock spesh or bonty?

    Specialized UK will only supply to a licensed Specialized bikes dealer.

    Trek will only supply Bontrager to a licensed Trek bikes dealer.

    Conti, Maxxis, Schwalbe, Michelin and all the other tyre brands you can think of that aren’t exclusive to a bike manufacturer are much easier to get hold of.

    By the way NextDayTyres, it was me (Mark from Green Bike co.) who spoke with you on the phone this afternoon. Many thanks again for agreeing to help us out!

    And as for the conti RQ mis-shape problems. I’ve seen it on a couple of tyres in the past, but only a couple. Can only suggest there might have been batch control problems at some point maybe. Bloody great tyres on the whole though the RQ!


    i have mis shaped every conti tyre i have used tubeless so far. noping the 2.2 ust works


    I never had a problem with RQ’s when I used them but if you’re looking to switch then get Hans Dampfs, especially on the front they’re a better tyre IMO.


    I’ve gone all out crazy and ordered some Michelins Wild Grip’R tubless on sale at CRC. Funny thing is put Michelin in STW search for reviews and you mainly get poncy southerners talking about restaraunts.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    I thought about those Michelin tyres but then read lots of reviews calling them wild ‘slipper.

    Neil S

    I had the same thing on a tubed 2.4″ Rubber Queen. I posted on Conti’s wall on Facebook and they gave me an email address for a guy there.

    He asked for my old one back and replaced it straight away – great service 🙂

    However, it went straight on ebay. There’s loads of stories of deformed Continentals, and I’ve had a bead detachment (and a long walk home) on a Mountain King.

    All my tyres say “MAXXIS” on the sidewalls now.



    I must be lucky! I’ve had:
    2 x RQ 2.2 non-BC UST
    2 x RQ 2.2 BC folders
    1 x RQ 2.4 BC wire bead
    1 x RQ 2.4 BC folder

    and they’ve all been fine, as are the 2 Barons I have.

    As mentioned above, maybe some bad batches?

    Mark N

    I thought about those Michelin tyres but then read lots of reviews calling them wild ‘slipper.

    I think that there is a new version called Grip’R II. Not tried them mind.

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