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  • 20yr old HiFi equipment, where to send?
  • FunkyDunc

    I’ve got some old HiFi equipment, Maudant Short speakers, technics amp, Sony radio, Sony tape deck.

    All been sat in a cupboard for some years now.

    I’m not actually necessarily wanting to sell, more go to a charity or something ?

    Is there anywhere in Leeds/Bradford area you can do this?

    Or is it worth putting on eBay?

    Premier Icon munded

    Some oxfams and barnardos take them, but check first. Think they need to PAT test them before sale. You could get bit of cash, tenner each ish? But PITA to pack and send anywhere.


    Check out sold prices for units on ebay to give an idea of value then stick it all on gumtree with a pic for pick up only. People like me like old (quality) hi-fi’s, you’ll probably get more for it than you think. Then donate any cash to charity of your choice. Most charity shops won’t take electricals these days unless they have someone who can PAT test stuff.


    I’ve just sold a 20 year-old Technics CD deck on ebay for £20 + postage that cost me £100 originally. It was in very good condition, except for a slight loose connection on the output, which the buyer was aware of.

    So if it’s working well and in good nick you might be surprised – kit from that era was always the best way to get good quality sound and was built to last so there still seems to be latent demand for it.

    As for speakers and amps – with stuff like Google Chromecast Audio and various other streaming devices coming on the market, these still have a life now…

    Probably best off selling then donating the proceeds to charity if you want to go that way, as stated a lot of charity shops can’t PAT test.

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