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  • 20th 'MTB' anniversary
  • November 2011 marked the 20th Anniversary of my first mountain bike race.

    Thats two thirds of my life, almost 150 races, countless miles, a lot of punctures, a couple of good results and A LOT of entry fees 🙂

    Included in amongst them are some amazing highlights – the first ever UK 24 hr race (it rained the whole time!), 10 of the last 11 Roc D’Azurs, 3 different XC World Cup Courses and a whole bunch more.

    I’m quite proud of that history really.

    Here’s to hoping I’ll make another 20!

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    Good going. Hope the next 20 are just as good.


    Nice one – quite a racing history.

    I realised recently that it’s been 25 years since I started mountain biking (I’d been riding off-road for years on bikes my Dad had rescued from the tip, but for the first time I had a ‘proper’ mountain bike with Farmer Johns and everything). A quarter of a century doing something I love (and not getting much better at it) – got to be happy with that.

    Corroded – Like you I cant really remember when I started actual ‘mountain biking’ but it cant be a lot before 1991 (my first race) as I was 11 then!
    What I do know is that it was on the Quantocks and I’m still not bored of them!

    Adapting bikes for offload started in 1979 for me, not what you would call a mountain bike but it’s still messing around in the woods on a bike.

    Happy 20th birthday Richie

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    First mtb when I was 16 I think so not hit mtb20 just yet.

    Adapting bikes for offload started in 1979 for me

    adapting? I just rode a racer round rivi, slick tyres n’all. Scary and was constantly getting my wheels trued 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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