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  • 2022 SC Chameleon
  • Premier Icon TheGhost
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    It looks like SC have fixed all the issues with the last Chameleon in the latest update.

    Has anyone got one yet? I’m keen to see what the XL frame looks like.

    Please don’t reply to this thread if you want to moan about the price. We all know its high. 🙂

    Premier Icon honourablegeorge
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    Hardtail Party had a review of it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOxE9JAr7eU

    Curious what the frame only price is, it’s 949 in US, not listed for UK, German sites usually have it around the dollar price in Euro.

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy
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    A shade under £800 it seems..


    Premier Icon allanoleary
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    Last I saw it was going to be alloy only and no option to buy just a frame. Guess the 2nd part has changed then

    Premier Icon barney
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    @theghost “It looks like SC have fixed all the issues with the last Chameleon in the latest update”

    Curious to which issues you refer?

    Premier Icon TheGhost
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    The issues were –

    Dropouts cracked in the 2019 green ones due to not enough material. This was fixed in the blue and poo orange ones that followed.

    When they switch manufacturers for the blue or orange ones they screwed up the seat tube bend. I could drop a 150mm fox transfer all the way into my XL green frame no problem. When I got the orange coloured frame as a warranty replacement I lost a load of insertion depth. This was because the bend in the seat tube started much sooner than on the green frame. This meant I had to change to a 125mm dropper because I couldn’t fit my 150mm in an xl frame and still fit on it, and I’m 6’2”!. They have shortened the seat tube so hopefully this issue is fixed.

    Head tube length on the xl green frame was 110mm
    Headtube on the orange and blue xl frames was 120mm
    Headtube on the 2022 yellow xl frame is 130mm

    I like a tall stack so this is good, but I would still prefer a 140-150mm head tube to get the bars higher on an XL. My Banshee Paradox v3 has a great stack with a 140mm headtube. I am running 40mm rise bars and all the full 30mm of stem spacers as well.

    Head angle has been slackened which is nice.

    It’s a shame they haven’t kept the short 415mm chainstay though, that was ace.

    Premier Icon nixie
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    The head tube length is subjective. Plenty will like it shorter or not care about running lots of spacers.

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