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  • 2020 summer cycling targets
  • Premier Icon oliverracing
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    So point me towards it if it already exists but couldn’t find a 2020 cycling targets thread?

    I’ve been racing cyclo-cross over the last few months but now that’s coming to a close I was looking at setting some targets for the upcoming few months to help the motivation! Was thinking XC racing but busy for most of the announced southern XC dates so that rules that out. (Although will enter the ones I can)

    Was thinking planning something epic like entering the transalp bike race in the dolomites but that’s gotta be entered as a pair (and not sure if any of my riding partners are up for it) so wondering what your targets or targeted events are this year?

    Premier Icon donald
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    I’m hoping to do a 200km road ride this summer.

    And I’ve booked flights for my touring trip in May – Cadiz to Santander

    Premier Icon lunge
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    Very few for me bar ride more, this year was just 2 events and some commuting.
    I’d like to go sub 5 hours for Velo Birmingham and sub 4:45 for Ride London if I get in. Bar that, we’ll have to see.

    Premier Icon thegeneralist
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    Depending how work goes I would really like to try a quad century. I think it will just be out of reach, but hell that’s the whole point gell?

    Guess I should try a 12hr first or even a sub six hour century.


    Premier Icon joat
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    Signed up for Tour of the Peak, so that will concentrate the mind ’til May. Then Bealach na ba and hopefully the lift assisted Red at Nevis Range (on different bikes obvs) around taking in Fort Bill WC. I’m all smart turboed-up, and attempting to keep it a secret from club mates so I can unsuspectingly rip their legs off in the Peak.
    Happy Biking to all in 2020.

    Premier Icon Mister P
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    I should probably ride a mountain bike at some point in 2020. I think I rode an MTB properly once in 2019. Did some canal towpath stuff but that hardly counts.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    After 6 months off with injury, next year I’m being selfish and getting myself fit again, stopping my old ride leading roles and building back up to 200k audax.

    Premier Icon Saccades
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    Under 8 hours 30 for the Wicklow 200.
    Over 100 miles at twentyfour12.
    Not get dropped in an A4 race.
    Do 4 or more races at the NPS (depending on how much the timings for #1 child’s races clash).
    Couch to 5k
    Start swimming again.

    Premier Icon k1100t
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    I’ve signed up for The Dirty Reiver 200 in April, my first mass participation cycling event. Also my first mass participation event since the Bedford standard distance Triathlon in 2007. Going to try and get an entry for this new Frontier 300 thingie and if I do, I plan to park at the finish and spend two days cycling to the start. Mostly I’m planning on just getting out on my bike, and trying some bivies while I’m at it.

    Other than that, there are plans for some openwater swimming events. Possibly the Great East Swim, the 4x 1 mile at the Henley festival, the Dart 10km, and maybe some others.

    Premier Icon alanl
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    The Tour of the Black Country this year for me in May. The distance has been reduced from 100 miles to 63, so I reckon I can do that. I couldnt do 100 miles with those hills.
    Leics/Northants Friday Night Summer Series, mtb races this year for the first time in 15 years.
    De Panne beach race in December. Did it this year, I was awful, and nearly last, but what a great event.
    I’m looking at a few sportives in Belgium too, though holidays/lack of, may make that difficult.
    And, the Leics. CX league, of which there are still 4 races left this season, ad it starts again in September.

    Premier Icon Kryton57
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    Just two – aiming to get in the top 30 National 12hr and to have more fun/time on my MTB this year.

    And a slight ask – if anyone knows of a 4-12hr MTB event relatively close to the SE in May 2020 that’s not the Ruthin Scott Marathon could you PM me ?  Thanks.

    Premier Icon weeksy
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    BPW reds. Do several of them and survive.

    Premier Icon nickc
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    I’ve signed up for the Naughty Northumbrian, after saying some years ago that I was done with events. I just wanted to put something in the calendar as a marker to aim for and to focus on to (a) loose and keep off some winter padding, and (b) get somewhat fitter than I am now

    Premier Icon mrwhyte
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    Get out bikepacking. I have four rough locations I want to try: South Wales, possibly Gower. New Forest Bimble, Dartmoor and Exmoor. Been planning a few routes on Komoot and with OS maps.

    My last adventure ended up with me sheltering in a bus stop and phoning the OH asking to be picked up early.

    Premier Icon TiRed
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    260 miles. In 12 hours. On three wheels.

    Premier Icon 13thfloormonk
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    Nothing written in stone yet, will be rebuilding after surgery on a herniated disc, by summer I hope to be capable of some 5-6 hour gravel rides I had planned in the southern Highlands, and perversely also hoping to be able to be back doing proper turbo sessions again before autumn CX training starts again!

    Some scattered road rides too, maybe a train-ferry-ferry-ferry-train escapade over Arran to the Mull of Kintyre, some punchy looking wee roads down there…

    Premier Icon tomhoward
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    To have the ability/bottle I did in 2008, and the fitness i had at the end of 2017.

    Premier Icon robcolliver
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    100 miles on one wheel.

    Premier Icon djflexure
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    Going to try to do Bham velo in under 5 and dirty reiver in under 10

    Premier Icon reluctantjumper
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    To get my fitness back up to where I can do the SDW in one again, preferably in under 12 hours. Managed 13 3/4 last time but got my pacing all wrong (too hard to start, too slow in the middle) and I took an hour to pedal up the last two hills at the end. I need to work on my stamina and my climbing power so that’s my focus for the first 2-3 months of 2020. Then it’ll be adding speed to that ready for the (hopefully) dry summer and an opportunity to have a go at it!

    If I get that done early enough I may have a go at the Ridgeway too.

    Premier Icon mrlebowski
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    Stage racing & marathons this year.

    Premier Icon robbo1234biking
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    First MTB race this year at 36. Mountain Mayhem in June. Followed by the Jennride in the Lakes in July. Need to find something for the back end of the year though.

    Want to complete the full Jennride this year as only managed 90 miles last year.

    Premier Icon ta11pau1
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    My targets for 2020 are to ride as many places as I can.

    Peak District, Lake District, Long mynd, more of Wales, some guided trips (dartmoor to start) and I really fancy doing some of Scotland, will probably do inners/glentress/Dunkeld first, maybe combined with a cairngorms guided trip.

    Premier Icon belugabob
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    As I definitely fall into the nimbler category, it won’t be any races, mass participation events, or particularly rocky off road stuff.
    I’ve been doing multi-day touring trips, in recent years, and was thinking of riding across the UK, from west to east, starting at Aberystwyth and ending in Lowestoft.
    Preliminary routes and stopover location were looking good – until I discovered this…

    Mainland UK – West to East

    Now,that sounds like an adventure!

    Premier Icon kynasf
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    I usually pencil in a load of events at this time of year and gradually cross them off as time, family commitments, etc mean I don’t end up doing them!
    Some things I definitely want to do next year are an overnight bike packing trip with my daughter (she’s 11 and asked me to go), also the frontier300 and a longer event like the Torino-Nice.

    Premier Icon belugabob
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    As I definitely fall into the nimbler category

    Ironic typo time – definitely not nimbler and most definitely a bimbler

    Premier Icon feed
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    Planning on doing this in Sept with some lads from work.
    720km with 11,000 mtrs of climbing to be done in 4.5 days

    Given that I’ve probably never done more than 80kms on a road bike in one spin it should be “interesting”.

    Apart from that, prob a Finale trip in May and various xc and Enduro races over the summer.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop
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    SDW in a day.

    Anyone that read my multi year SDW thread will know how big a challenge that will be for me!😳😆

    Premier Icon PJay
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    There are some other 2020 plans here:

    Winter is setting in, what plans have you for 2020

    As for me, I had a heart attack in early October and have been off the bike for 3 months (bar 3 short pootles around the block) so I’m just hoping that I can get back the levels of enjoyment & fitness I had previously from cycling. I’m not a competitive rider or fitness freak but the echo-cardiogram I had in hospital showed a 40% loss in heart function so we’ll have to see how things progress; it might be a struggle.

    I might also use my situation to treat myself to a new bike.

    Premier Icon jonostevens
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    Ride as much as last year.

    Explore Dartmoor.

    A mountain (South Wales possibly)

    A couple of bivvy bike overnighters.

    Do some blogging.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    WHW in a day, been talking about it for too long now.

    Premier Icon 13thfloormonk
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    WHW in a day, been talking about it for too long now.

    Awesome! Early start and dress/pack as if for a day on the hills. I under-dressed, treating it like a race instead of a marathon. Got rained off shivering before the Devil’s Staircase 🙁

    Premier Icon FOG
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    Ride more and NOT be bullied by wife into doing what she wants. Yes, I can hear you say, just grow a pair but you haven’t met my wife.

    Premier Icon PMK2060
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    Planning on a cycle tour through Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia in September. I have not done much cycling this year so need to start getting out more to get my fitness back.

    Premier Icon northernsoul
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    Take my eldest bikepacking into the Pennines and back (from home). Otherwise, ride as much distance as this year and explore more of the N. Pennines around Allendale/Rookhope.

    Premier Icon momo
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    2019 was the year of road centuries for me. Hoping to get an entry for the Frontier 300, as is an Aussie mate of mine, we both turn 40 next year so wanted to do a big ride together to show that we’ve still got it! That’ll be a goal to keep training for. Also keeping my fingers crossed for an entry into ride London again, best event of last year. Will hopefully get a bit more time to ride MTB next year too, having our second child this year out paid to any weekend away play time.

    Premier Icon squirrelking
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    Like the 13thfloormonk I’m planning on hitting the west coast hard only I’ll be doing it off road where possible. Got a few routes marked to do the 5 ferries but Arran is a challenge, looks like Glen Rosa and over the Horseshoe to Lochranza is the only way but we’ll see.

    Signed up for MacAvalanche and Naughty Northumbrian, will try and do Dunoon as well seeing as it’s on my doorstep.

    But I mostly just want to get out and enjoy myself.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager
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    Not got a big event in mind – road racing looks awesome and I’d like to try it but the hard crashes (and often nothing to do with you) put me off. Reckon I can still shave some seconds off the time trialling before I start going backwards so will prob focus on that.

    First up though is the Cheshire cat sportive with my wife. Not a difficult event, but have you ever trained with someone who insists on stopping the bike and getting a tissue out to blow their nose? Brings its own challenges.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    Awesome! Early start and dress/pack as if for a day on the hills. I under-dressed, treating it like a race instead of a marathon. Got rained off shivering before the Devil’s Staircase

    4am start seems to be the done thing from mates who’ve done it, challenge is to get to the Indian in FW before it shuts. 😊

    Arran is a challenge, looks like Glen Rosa and over the Horseshoe to Lochranza is the only way but we’ll see.

    Na, off ferry, along fisherman’s walk to goatfell path, up to you see a fire road with a gate on your right, not far from where treeline stops, take this.

    This fire road goes 5 miles along to Corrie. A mile on the road, then over the stepping stones along the front to fallen rocks, then its a lovely shore side path to laggan cottage, wee grassy push up the back of the cottage and a cracking descent down into lochranza.

    Rosa over saddle is tough on a loaded bike!

    Premier Icon squirrelking
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    Ha, once again your local knowledge knows no bounds! Couldn’t see a route with the free version of OS maps but hadn’t written it off entirely, good to know it’s there.

    Still fancy doing the big one at some point though, agree it looks tough getting up that last scramble at the best of times.

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