2019 P7 27.5 plus!!

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  • 2019 P7 27.5 plus!!
  • Anyone running plus? any good and what tyres you running

    Mine is a 29er


    I’ve got a Kona Unit that I put 29ers on and have gone back to 27+

    Run a Vittoria bombolino 3.0 front and a WTB 2.8 TCS Ranger on the back (there’s not really clearance at the back to run a 3.0, the tyre fits, but the chain rubs the tread on the bit gears.)

    To be honest, I much prefer the plushness of +, and I don’t notice that much of a difference on the road in terms of how draggy it is. Roll over is about the same. Thick gloopy mud, the 29ers are a bit better for digging in and gripping, and they don’t pick up as much crud.

    That is a no so far then!!! Interested marked and Noted in the hope someone can answer the question and give his/her opinion.

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    I swap between 29 in winter and 27.5+ in summer. Have crown gem 3.0 tyres which are fine but have some pugatory 3.0 which I might try. 27.5+ is great fun and very capable but bb is low!


    Crush 27.5 + ere


    I have ridden a P7 29er with 27+ for the last year or so. It has been ace.

    40mm internal rims, 3″ High Roller front and 2.8 Rekon rear. Now running the same setup on my Stage 5 it’s a great tyre combo

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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