2019-2020 what light thread!

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  • 2019-2020 what light thread!
  • Premier Icon russyh

    So, it’s getting to that time of year again.  Nights are drawing in.  It’s about time we had a ‘what light thread’  I’m due a new bar mounted light.  So chucking it out there.  I run a Diablo on my helmet.  Looking at MaxxD for the bars, my eyesight is poor, and I struggle with the dark so would like something nice and powerful if possible.  Night rides tend to be 3hrs tops. Are there any hidden gems that have emerged?

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    I’ll be looking for similar, have a MaxxD on bars and Diablo on the helmet but might hit the credit card and get a six pack sync. Because.Lol

    Premier Icon ta11pau1


    Would love an Exposure Optix All terrain STVZO but 1. nowhere has them and 2. there’s no reviews.

    I commute on a mix of road/offroad so want the beam cut off, but want to be able to use it for MTB night rides too.


    I run a joystick on the helmet and the 1600 lumen Halfords one on the bars, it’s a very good combo. The only downside to the Halfords light is having to toggle through all the flashing modes to reduce the output but it really is impressive for the £35 I paid. As I find the helmet light more important I spent the big money on that.

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain

    I’m looking for a new light and really want something self contained to replace my decade old maxx d as my newer diabolo drowns it completely.

    I’m struggling to find an alternative to another exposure unit with decent brightness, battery life and switching pattern, (it’ll sit on low a lot of the time but needs to switch to high from there, not off or flash), [edit] well reminded russyh, needs a decent 35mm mount too[/edit] another maxx d (possibly a race or toro) is likely where my money will go but I’m not keen on just getting one as default without feeling like I’ve put some thought into it.

    There’s a couple on O-O/px which look intriguing (Bobby Dazzler USB power bank thing) but the numbers seem unlikely. 3000lm is going to be as nonsensical as most lm counts so I won’t hold that as an example but the battery life sounds made up. I’d be interested to hear any suggestions worth looking at for comparison or real world experience of the O-O light.

    Premier Icon russyh

    I have one of the Halfords lights it’s ok, but always struggled with mounts, plus like you say the mode cycle is bloody annoying.  As such I just pick up one of my other lights over it most times.  Looking for something a little better in terms of usage and quality really.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    I’m interested in this to, I’ll soon have an Exposure Axis mk6 (to replace an ageing mk3) for the helmet but I’m also considering replacing the 6 year old MTB Batteries Lumenator that I use on the bars.


    Just bought an exposure Maxx d on the bay, a 10% off code appeared so it made it come in around 250! Cheapest I have seen them in a while. Not sure if there are more or not. Had a magic shine bar mounted one before and it worked well but it’s started to play up

    Premier Icon nixie

    I’m looking for something to replace my diablo mk9 as a helmet light as I’ve never been happy with it. Too big, poor run time and poor mount (not to mention the tiny button and crap tap feature). Very tempted by a 4fourths as it seems to have the power in a more compact package.

    Nothing is as easy to live with long term through wet and filth that exposure units IMO.

    Premier Icon benp1

    The Bikehut light unit is an excellent price, and it’s plenty bright enough. I use it for rides where I need to throw it on my Brompton or my sons bike, the quick attach mode is great for that

    For myself I’m still using my Strada Mk6. Great light, used on the road for commuting and then off road for fun when i have time. Paired with a joystick or a diablo


    I’ve got the 1600 Halfords on the Bar and 500 on my helmet. It’s a good combo that reliable for not much money.

    A few first world problems, the green LED display is very bright and causes it to ‘stick’ to my eyes when I’m looking around. The biggest problem though is when your mate has a 5000 lumin set-up, casts a massive shadow in front of you and ruins you night eye. Prick.

    Anyway, I’m looking at a Gemini Titan, or was when they were £150, now they’re £250.

    Premier Icon ta11pau1

    I’m using the aldi lights at the moment https://www.aldi.co.uk/bikemate-rechargeable-bike-lights/p/086287232202700 and they’re surprisingly good, but the front light doesn’t have quite enough ‘penetration’ when doing 25mph down unlit back roads with potholes. And it only lasts an hour on full beam, my commute is 45 minutes…

    Premier Icon Beagleboy

    I know it’s too late now, but it might be worth keeping a beady eye on Halford’s website. I bought a Moon XP 1800 from them on Friday, reduced by 70%. I was very pleased with myself.



    Yes, i got a Moon 1300 for £55…! great deal. They’ve stopped that one now, but i did see this other one for the 1800 which is again, a great bargain.

    Moon 1800 lumen


    Been running a solarstorm x2 for a few years now. Paid £12 for it and not much more for a battery pack.
    I’m not sure what the current Chinese lamp of choice is?

    Premier Icon ta11pau1

    Anyone used the planet x jobsworth lights? They have a 2000 lumen for £100 and 800 lumen for £50 on sale at the moment.


    Premier Icon jeffl

    Someone up there mentioned the four4th scorch helmet light. I got one on offer at the bike show last year. First helmet light so haven’t got loads to compare it to.

    It’s generally a good light but there are a few drawbacks.
    1) Whilst bright it doesn’t seem to have as much punch or penetration as I’d like. It has quite a wide throw of light but I’d prefer it to be tighter and a longer throw, so more of a spot light.

    2) Having to touch the lense to turn it on and off is annoying. Especially in the dark, wearing gloves, because you know it’s winter.

    3) Helmet mount looks a bit heath Robinson but works ok.

    4) Has a priority charger. Be better if it charged over usb.

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