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  • 2017/2018 cx racing thread
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    No mud in Wales?

    Not really, though I missed two races and I think they were muddier. I only had one race where bike changes were really necessary and a couple of others where i switched at the 3/4 way through mark just to get clean tyres. Sure we had races where it cut up but i didnt race anything where running was required apart from a 10 yard muddy incline yesterday. My favourite is when you get a layer of really liquid gloopy mud like a nice chocolate sauce over the entire course and everying gets a bit vague and we didnt see anything like that.

    Anyone got any course updates for LoveCrossed on weekend? Ie conditions can you get away with one bike or is it a 2 biker? Thanks in advance


    As Ferrals said, the course at Gilwern as part of the Filthy Cross series was a blinder. Really thought it was the best iteration of that location. Just really disappointing to have such a small Seniors field.

    As regards mud in Wales, I’m not sure if Ferrals raced at Bryn Bach Parc? There was definite run/amble sections there and my trusty XTR derailleur died after the finish along with another chain snap. Other than that, the majority of the southern CX league courses weren’t very muddy; I can’t speak for Newtown or Aberystwyth.


    MC – I’ll not be up there helping until Friday, but I’d guess at 2 bikes. Just been walking the woods locally, the wet sloppy muds drying out into sticky goop right now. No real rain in the forecast & if it’s a heavy frost on the day you can bet it’ll have thawed out by the time you race.



    poo – can’t post pics

    Well the reports I’m hearing suggest the Lovecrossed commies approach to gridding led to a start-line mutiny for one race, and a bunch of visiting riders who’d travelled hours to race who won’t be coming back.

    I know I’m not the only 2017 competitor who decided not to return due to the gridding fiasco and I’m glad I stuck with my original decision not to waste a day of leave from work. Tang, you really need to sack it being a League round if it’s going to grow.

    And to illustrate how different commies can be (and not a willywaving exercise) I raced the final Leics League round at Misterton Hall (because it’s a terrific course). As it was their final round it was designated their county champs. I asked the chief commy if I could be gridded, and said that I would be happy with something like 3rd row so I was towards the front of the field but not interfering with their champs. He showed me the call-up list and I had already been gridded, FIRST, as they’d planned the gridding based on BC points.

    The gridding was justified as I came 2nd, to another visiting rider who’d entered on the day (so he was gridded last-minute) from Scott Factory Racing (who may actually have won Lovecrossed).


    The gridding for Western League has been a bit inconsistent over the years. There have certainly been occasions where the likes of Liam Kileen and Simon Richardson have been gridded despite not being league registered. They were at least consistently not gridding non-league riders at lovecrossed today (so Simon Richardson started at the back). I think I’ve not been gridded when I ought to have been (I turn up enough to have more league points that riders who are much better than me), presumably as the commisaires know I’m rubbish at starts and always end up at the back anyway.

    I’m not sure Tang and race organisers in general really have the power to do anything about this (other than not make it a league round). Perhaps complaining to BC to get consistent/sane gridding for all leagues would be a better bet.

    Anyway thank you to Tang, Qwerty and anyone else involved for putting on a good event, which was easily the most enjoyable race of the year for me.

    As Crashtestmonkey says it was chaos on the start line! The Commissaires wanted to grid the Western league women as per normal in amongst the V50 and all other women at the back… erm you have advertised a £400 prize fund for the winning Senior woman and people have travelled in excess of 2 hours for the event. There was a bit of a kick up by some ladies, the commies then asked the regular western league ladies their opinion.. clearly they weren’t going to say anything after the mini mutiny!!! So they agreed to start us all 1 minute behind the V50.

    Very disappointing behaviour just before the start, as a result I won’t be going back to race Love Crossed until it becomes a stand alone event. Tang does a stirling event along with James Lowsley-Williams, Le Col etc but it isn’t growing in size due to the old school manner of running the race that the Western league (which is a small league) has. It’s a shame as it has the potential to be an fabulous event.

    The organiser does have the power to run gridding how he wants, every league is different and there is nothing in CX rules to say it has to be done X way. At the Central league last race of the season pretty much ALL the normal top 7 riders got bumped down to 2nd row due to loads of high flying interlopers, not one has an issue as quite rightly those top 7 interlopers all finished in the top 10.

    Thanks for everything you are trying to do Tang I’ve enjoyed racing there the last 3 years. Next year Bogense for me (not racing though) 😉


    Pah, who cares about gridding? Evie Richards doesn’t let it bother her!


    PS. thanks Tangwyn, James, Ben et al for a great day out. My non-riding sister commented on how impressive the setup was. Don’t be put off by the shouty have-a-go-pros…for everyone who vows never to return you can be sure that many more of us will be back!

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    so six months ago I stated season aims of:

    <span style=”color: #444444; font-size: 12px;”>Aims:</span><br style=”color: #444444; font-size: 12px;” /><span style=”color: #444444; font-size: 12px;”>– Not get lapped</span><br style=”color: #444444; font-size: 12px;” /><span style=”color: #444444; font-size: 12px;”>– Beat friends</span><br style=”color: #444444; font-size: 12px;” /><span style=”color: #444444; font-size: 12px;”>– Enjoy</span>

    I have managed 17 races since then getting lapped in 5, beating some friends week in week out,

    I also enjoyed every single race and am now starting the build of the 2018 bike and and settling into some turbo time for a few off road sportives before the summer races lead us nicely into the 2018/2019 season!

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