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  • 2017 Whyte 901 geometry
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    Can anyone find a geo chart for these? I’ve been offered one for a very good price, it’s a bike I know, and I’ve been blown away every time I’ve ridden it, bit I’m trying to figure out if I can justify it under the banner of being either for me or my wife.
    It’s a M, I’m 5’10ish with monkey arms, my wife is about 5’4. I think it’s going to be too big for her 🙁


    Sounds right for you, way too big for the missus


    Medium is top end of the size guide for you. They recommend 5’6 – 5’10.

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    Geo charts are under the support section on the Whyte website, whyte are good at this, TT is looooooong, but there are no reach figures.

    As about, would be mint for you I’d have thought, but of a stretch for someone 5’4″


    Yeah, this is a heart beating head thing. Have found the geo chart in their archives now, ta.
    Looking at it it’s still a chunk longer than my Patrol (+25mm TT, can’t find reach anywhere). but the seat tube is 25mm shorter. I’ve ridden it but not for extended periods, and it was a hoot.

    I’m sorely tempted, but have too many bikes (that’s a thing, honest). Although I see no reason that the Whyte couldn’t have a cheap rear wheel and block thrown on it and replace the road bike that’s too big for me that I use as a turbo trainer bike…

    The main problem is I’ve ridden it in short bursts only. It’d be an ideal winter bike, it’s barely used, it’s cheap, it’s been changed to tubeless and 1x, so basically, it’s perfect for me. But my wife does need a bike too. Man maths calculations needed.

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