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  • 2015 Passat 2.0 TDi High-ish Mileage WWSTWD?
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    Oil temp or coolant temp? Coolant reaches temperature very quickly. I’d be suprised if the oil was reaching ‘normal’ temperature in 3-4 miles on any diesel engine. In winter, it’s more like 10 miles/15 mins of steady driving for the oil to be fully heated (>80°C).

    Checks handbook…

    Ahhh, yes. That’s coolant temp. My bad. My info display also shows oil temp but I rarely have it set on that. I’ll check in the morning how long it takes the oil to get up to 80 degrees.

    Incidentally, @Tallpaul – so it was you who stole my name then!? 😀

    I think the OP’s mileage is enough for a diesel, mine’s the 150 2.0 tdi with dsg and I’m getting 40-45mpg on the commute, and 50-55mpg on longer runs.

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    Update: Went and looked at a 2012 Passat to get a sense of what £4.5k would get, really nice car actually, was almost tempted to not go and look at the 2015. Went down the next day to view the 2015 and instantly liked it, it was so much nicer in every aspect.

    Have purchased the 2015 have collected it last night, really happy with it. Now to decide whether to get a towbar fitted to use my towbar racks or use that money instead to get some roof bars and racks…

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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