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  • 2015 nobby nic???
  • Any one using these and they they better than previous nic’s?

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    i popped one on the rear the other day and only have 1 ride on it. Pretty decent.

    I wouldn’t even dream of putting one upfront a some oddballs have dome on MTBR.

    The deciding factor for me will be when i ride some steep rocky runs, if it holds up well t that type of riding then i will be convinced.

    But as a bog standard trail tyre it seems to do the trick.

    I was thinking on front with Ron on rear??

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Ha, jonny you have just blown the wind out of my sails 🙂

    I take it front no no???


    I’d probably take a good look at what kind of riding you do. I know these things are often the luck of the draw, but riding down BPW yesterday and my riding partner got about a 1cm slash in the sidewall of his brand new 2015 nic that wouldn’t seal again. Made me think about going for the double defence one for bigger/rockier rides and just take the hit with the weight. For trail centres, red runs, xc etc I’d probably just stick with the pacestar on the back. He did say it was riding pretty decent over the mud and the rocks (before the slash)


    My go to front tyre for several years now, the latest one appears to better than previous years too…
    Rons are terrible for anything that resembles a rock or even a bump,I’ve destroyed a few of them in wales

    Premier Icon aardvarkissues

    I’ve got one on the front of my hardtail with a Rock Razor on the back. Quite like it – seems like a halfway house between the original Nobby and the Hans Dampf.

    Mostly just for winter trail centreing mind, don’t try the Razor in mud…


    Thinking of trying the Rock Razor front and rear this summer 😆

    Perhaps a little silly….might just stick with a Hans Dampf/Razor combo

    Premier Icon goby

    Where is good for deals on the 2015 nobby nics? Need to replace my rear hans dampf.

    Premier Icon superstu

    Previous ones were so bad I’ve been put off for life!


    I’ve been using the pacestar 26″ 2.1 snakeskin (2015) on a 26er

    The tyres have done about 200 miles. There is a little tread wear on the rear… nothing on the front and they have been up and down the rock garden 10 times.

    i only weigh 10 stone though.

    I’m no expert but i noticed they roll very well compared to the other models ive tried. Not 100% sure about the grip as when i slip/slide its usually down to running out of talent.


    Got one on the front and an old style one on the back. Had a couple of front wheel wash outs in the mud. Could just be me but I’m a bit wary of pushing it too hard in the wet around corners. 2.25 Pacestar by the way

    Doesn’t seem to ride a million miles away from the old one to be honest. I tend to ride loamy natural trails so rocks and sidewalls etc are not a problem.

    As Gren mentions above I found these tyres to be very bad for cornering on unsupported corners,off cambers and tracking through furrows-they felt like their overlapping oblong side knobs creates a very narrow angle of grip with no cornering edge to find – I too was washing out on trails I know well.If you want a good cornering Nobby Nic take look at the WTB Vigilante-they’ve been all I hoped the new Nic would be.


    My new giant trance came with 29er 2.2 performance nobby nics (old versions).

    A couple of things I’ve noticed when comparing them to my 2.1 pacestar 26er (new nobby nics):

    -The 29er 2.2 performance grip better than the 2.1 pacestar in wet conditions. This is probably down to tyre size rather than compound
    -The 26er 2015 nobby nics roll much better and noticeably less tyre buzz on the tarmac

    They all seem pretty strong and don’t fall to pieces when hitting the rocks as people say they do

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