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  • 2014 Spesh Secteur, anyone ridden one?
  • Interested in the disc model for a winter bike, I struggle with a knackered ankle so need to eliminate as much road buzz as possible. Can anyone comment on the ride? Read conflicting reviews about the frame, I think it has changed for 2014. Cheers all

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    I can’t comment on the 2014 version, but the 2012 one is great for me as a mtb’er getting into road riding – long 100m rides and commutes are no problem. I went for the basic model. I reckon the inserts are a gimmick and it just the fit that does it for me.


    2013/14 models are virtually identical. It mainly just new group sets if anything. The geometry is designed to be comfy and for distance. My brother has a bad neck and he loved his. You won’t go wrong with a secteur, I reckon they are the pick of the Spesh road bikes. The new Claris group set is ace for the money too.

    Cheers chaps, had decided on a steel frame but tbh at that price range it’s not going to be a nicely sprung frame, I’ve tried a Defy Advanced carbon and that was comfier than my steel Dawes, just want a springy second bike for winter duties.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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