2013/14 Marzocchi 55 CR

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  • 2013/14 Marzocchi 55 CR
  • mildred

    Has anyone got some of these? If so, can you stick a review up on here. I’m particularly interested in how they stack up against the other forks you’ve tried (of similar ilk); also, have you compared them to the RC3 damped fork? How did they compare?


    im running rc3 ti evo’s (55’s) and they are simply the best forks ive ever used……simple, fairly light, ultra plush and ridiculously responsive.


    Thanks for that; ie already got some rc3 ti, but I’m wanting to know if the new CR comes anywhere close – I can’t afford to spend the £250 extra on another set, which is why I’m asking about the CR.


    Anyone else?


    I can’t compare them to any other forks, except a pair of 2008 55 ATA’s that were crap out the box and crap even when I had changed them to spring with RC3 cartridge. Maybe they were just a poor fit internally.

    I currently have a set of 55CRs that are fettled to be 140mm (chop one of the spacers in half) and they are certainly very plush. They track well, easy to set up, not too heavy and look cool. Doubt they are as good as other forks that cost twice the price but they work well on the trails, jumps, drops etc.

    VFM they would be hard to beat.


    i got a pair of 55CR’s a few months ago….setting them up was pretty straight forward and i’ve still left them in the 170mm setting.
    out on the trail they track well and the suspension action is as expected of marzocchi…very plush and the damping control is very good…i’ve only ridden them a handfull of times covering about 60 miles so they are still bedding in but out of the box they seemed to be plush and stiction free, so hopefully this will get even better
    these are if i can remember the 8th or 9th pair of marzocchi forks i’ve owned and i can say that i am yet to be disappointed by them.
    of course compared to other forks they are a bit heavier but then the performance makes up for that fact
    my previous forks were a pair of 05 66RC’s which were absolutely bomb proof and never got serviced given the abuse they got and still performed as if they were brand new…its a bit early to say the same about these but given they come with marzocchi’s 3 year no service guarantee, i’d expect similar reliability…but only time will tell


    Cheers for that.


    My 2nd/3rd hand 2012s have been faultless until the weekend when a dust seal popped off letting loads of mud get onto the proper oil seals. I took them apart and they were spotless inside. I took the opportunity to put heavier oil in the damper to slow them down a bit as I’m a Powerful-Extreme-Trails rider.

    Strip down is pretty easy, pry off compression cap and rebound dial, unscrew air cap & damper cap, bottom nuts off, pull stuff out, let oil drain all over your socks.

    Do this to change oil in damper-


    Put damper & air side back in, put legs on a bit then 20ml in bottom of each leg. Tighten it up and put bits back on. I’ve put 30ml of oil into the air side to get them to ramp up more, took the air valve out and used a syringe, seems easiest way.

    edit, some suspension type grease under the dust seals smooths them out abit aswell.

    Anywhere have them or the 55R’s in stock?


    I have the 2014 CRs on order. (have had since early september) apparently the internals are a bit better, and they have atapered steerer. not sure if the difference will be worth being sans bike for 2 months but i have a singlespeed to hack about on.

    2014s come out on the 15th November according to the people who have my money!

    also, apparently zocchi told people at the 2013 trade shows “we are very proud of these but 2014s are going to be loads better” so no one bought any! hence why not in stock! (so i heard)

    The theory looks excellent, hoping for MX comp levels of reliability.

    are all 2014s tapered?


    Does anyone know if the 2014 CR forks are available to buy at the 150mm setting?


    they come with a spacer to bring them down to 150

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