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  • 2013 zesty carbon or ally?
  • b45her

    been thinking about a new bike and the zesty’s are a lot better speced this year.
    my lbs has a 514 demo bike for me to try but i might be tempted to go for the 314 with the electronic shock as they are around the same price.

    so my question is, has anyone on here tried both the carbon and ally lapierre frames and how do they compare ride wise?


    carboncarboncarboncarboncarboncarboncarboncarboncarboncarbonCARBON 😆


    i have a blur LTc now and love it, it’s just a tiny bit too small for me and starts to feel cramped on longer rides.


    Personally, i’d go Carbon before i went EI…………. 😉

    Is the carbon one in any way ‘better’ or just 0.5-1 lb lighter? Carbon is great and all but I don’t understand why people get so excited about it!

    (agreed about EI though; give them a few years to work out the bugs)


    It’s not just about the carbon though, the 514 will have better all round spec, qui or non?


    I have a carbon 514 frame (sub 26lbs) and did have an older alloy 214 frame(27lb ish) with similar kit before that. There must be a good 1lb plus difference in weight between the frames. To get that weight loss through components requires a good chunk of upgrading.

    Both ride similar, you can feel the weight difference on the climbs but it still feels nicely solid on the descents.

    Agree with all the others, I wouldn’t go for an EI version just yet.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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