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  • Premier Icon stilltortoise

    I’ll watch this with interest. I have this fork and will confess I’ve not got the patience to fettle too much. Off-road I pretty much never use the trail or lock-out setting, keeping it open most of the time. I’m not quite happy with the low speed compression, still finding it a bit divey under braking. Repeated hits aren’t quite there yet, so maybe I need to tinker with the rebound.

    I run 110PSI and weigh a good 85kg in riding kit, if not more.

    Premier Icon bigjim

    I don’t think my Revs have ever worked properly to be honest, I have the rebound two clicks from full too I think, but they make a lot of swoosh noise at that setting. This means they pack up on rapid bumps but any faster and I’m getting pogoing. I also have a lot of dive and am set at zero to two clicks from full compression too.

    I use the threshold a lot – any uphill or smooth riding I stick it on, you don’t end up in too much trouble if you forget to take it off going down.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I think Loco has a setup page on his website?


    Put this on last night, test right tonight!

    Anyone got a good starting point for low speed comp, rebound, and how accurate the quoted pressures are… I’ve set sag at 25% but if imagine they are still a bit sticky and in need of bedding in.

    The rebound seems really fast at the middle setting, so the Back garden test ended up ad 2 clicks from full slow.

    Plan to be in the open setting most of the time, never been one to fiddle much mid ride, maybe flick into the threshold mode for really tough climbs.

    Share your setups guys.

    Premier Icon jairaj

    Ignore the RS quoted figures, just put how ever much air gets you the desired sag.

    Compression and rebound are personal preference so up to you to fiddle with and see what works for you. There are many guides online explaining what to look and feel for if you are unsure.

    Also my experience of older (2010 / 2011) RS forks is that they have stiff seals when brand new and it takes a couple rides to bed in and loosen them up. So start the set up from scratch after a few rides as it will change once the fork has bedded in.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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