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  • andysredmini

    Not much help but I was looking for some of the above forks a couple of months ago and was advised by my my lbs to find a pre 2013 fork or wait until the 2014’s came out as they solved whatever the problem was with the 2013. My main problem with the 2013’s though was that the ones I wanted only came in white. The 2014’s were going to cost the same as the 2013’s so I hung on for the 2014’s.
    Only rode them a couple of times but so far I’m very happy with the 2014’s


    cheers andy, what exactly is different in the 2014 ones then? do you know at all?

    i have heard a few bad reports about the ctd forks but didnt know they 14 ones were going to be ‘fixed’?

    I have 2013 34’s not sure on the 32’s but the damping on the Descend mode is rubbish.


    I’ve got the 2012 32 Factory version on my Five. It seems a lot more linear than of old and it is perhaps too easy to get full travel. The secret seems to be getting the air pressure exactly right so that it is neither too harsh nor too soft going downhill. Takes a bit of experimentation to get right. I personally like the CTD idea and the Trail Adjust feature on the Factory models; but even used by a fairly lightweight and not too aggressive rider I think the damper needs a bit of work on it. The CTD shock on the other hand is perfect for my style. The downside is that aftermarket they are very expensive so maybe worth a demo ride if possible. Hope this helps.

    are they the FIT ones happy hippy?

    so basically fox changed from RLC to CTD on the forks and got it totally wrong?

    oldmtber – mine would be on a five too so interested in your report as im quite lightweight too, are the factory ones the FIT damper? with kashima etc


    I had the 2013 32 CTD Talas and honestly I hated the CTD system – little noticeable difference between any of the modes. It was so bad I sent them to Mojo under warranty to check they weren’t broken. They told me they we operating as expected – but offered to replace the standard medium tuning, with a firm.

    Of course I took them up on their offer and the fork was a little better, but I still couldn’t get on with it. Quickly they were sold on. I now have a pair of 36’s on a slightly bigger bike and the difference is night and day in tuneability.

    There have been quite a number of bad reports about the 2013 system and how it’s far too linear – Fox have made changes for 2014 to make it more progressive. Don’t think I’d go back to a CTD fork.

    I think so they were the top of the line no expense spared model

    2013 34 Talas CTD FIT Silly expensive gold colour Kashima iirc


    Don’t quote me on this but I think it is to do with the travel being used up to quickly. I think extra oil can be added to the air chamber reduce the volume to cure this.
    Regarding the CTD. I don’t want to be faffing with suspension settings after an initial set-up (excluding topping up air) so I think its great. I have come from a set of 2009 fox 32rl and the difference is night and day. I didn’t expect them to feel much difference. Its hard to explain but my old forks feel a bit like an un-damped spring in comparison. I never noticed this until I had the new ones though. I have them set up how I (used to) like them.
    Cant comment on the fit cartridge other than I know servicing is a lot more involved than the old open bath forks.


    The problem is you’re limited in what you can do with your initial set up around the CTD… you can adjust rebound, and a limited amount of compression with changing the air pressures/oil. But I’d rather have the high/low compression damping adjustments any day.

    hmmm see im not massively arsed about adjustability, ive had fox fit rl’s before (best forks ive had) and currently got some revelation RL’s which are just ok, the damping is hardly anything special though if im honest

    i actually prefer the simpleness of the RL versions that just lockout and have rebound as andy, so if the CTD’s are similar then thats good, it was more the damping i was worried about, but i cant imagine if they are FIT dampers they can be all that bad (as i noticed a big difference from open bath to FIT on my old ones)

    that said the reviews above are’nt exactly glowing, and it seems like your not the only guys that think its not ‘all that’

    Anybody running a pair? what are your thoughts on them performance wise? ive heard a lot of bad press about the CTD system on the forks (seems fine on my shock) just after some real world thoughts

    i know the FIT damper is pretty good as i have used it before

    The C and T settings I find fine on T you can at least use the tail adjust (which doesnt do anything on D setting). I have them on my Nomad and end up using it mostly for riding DH. I find that I can’t get a the high / low compression damping right, i.e. if I make them softer (less air) so I get better grip and small – medium bump absorption at speed (rooty rocky sections- HSCD) then there is little low speed compression damping and they dive under hard cornering and sit low in their travel on the steep stuff, and compress way too much off lips. If I make them harder to compensate for the non existent low speed damping then they are harsh on the highspeed comp.

    sounds pretty complex to me, im just used to turning lockout on or off with a once in a lifetime setup of rebound/air 😆

    i did always used to find the FIT damper a great improvement over normal open bath systems, and as im not that indepth about tweaking suspension too much, they sound like that may not be an issue to me

    ill try and have a ride of my mates ctd 150mm although his dont have the fit damper at leasst i can see how they feel

    I thought you were after Pikes the other day?

    Don’t even consider 2013 Fox CTD’s against these.

    Or have a look at some X-Fusion Slants


    Find an RLC or go Revelation.

    Premier Icon roverpig

    I hated the pair of CTD forks I had on a demo bike so much that I’ve just gone for 2012 RLCs on my latest build (even though they were more expensive that 2013 CTD-As). I also liked the 2012 RLs that I had before, so I figured this was a safe bet.

    The demo pair I tested were the basic evolution model though, so I expect the factory version is better. You can also upgrade the 2013 CTD damper for the much improved 2014 model. Although I’d probably still add some oil to the air side as the damper upgrade won’t fix that horribly linear spring.

    TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsSTR – Member
    I thought you were after Pikes the other day?

    Don’t even consider 2013 Fox CTD’s against these.

    Or have a look at some X-Fusion Slants

    just weighing up options, i can get some 32’s cheapish with CTD FIT and Kashima £200 quid cheaper than i can get the pikes

    but i think reading this thread alone has pretty much put me off them, the CTD i can live with but if the damping descending etc is off then its not even worth looking into

    i think ill go for the pikes in the end and the stealth black of them would look smart of my build

    cheers for the warning though, ive been firmly told!

    theres a bit of a wait for the pikes to at the shop but to be honest will do me a favour to save up a bit for them!


    The evo cart. isn’t a FIT damper the CTD factory is and a better, 2014 upgrades on compression will have improved the fork.

    Although Rockshox and Marz stuff is especially good this year.

    Oscillate drop me a mail re. pikes as something a bit special has come up and I haven’t got you email to hand 😉

    Loco – emailed!


    Oscillate Wildly – yes the FIT damper and top of range fork that came with the bike. If you want a chat email in profile.


    I like mine, once got the PSI at the right level and rebound they work really well.

    Email sent old mtber

    I’ve been put off a bit by the thread but In the back of my mind I’m thinking they can’t be any worse than my current rev rl’s which have hardly any specific damping and in no way feel better than the fit damper on my old fox so at least I can say I’ve tried a few of the previous models and competitors

    The pikes still scream out to me but they are abit out of comfort zone budget wise even with good offers from a few shops

    Anyone else have any further things to add about the 2013 ctd factory forks?


    I managed to score a bargain new set of 100mm Kashima CTD’s for my hardtail. I really like them personally.

    Tend to run them on T most of the time. The D is very plush and I haven’t found them to give up their travel too easily.

    Anyone else have any further things to add about the 2013 ctd factory forks?

    Yes, this, at £400+ depending on spec….

    The Slant is the other new 34mm stanchion fork and this one covers the 26 inch and 650b markets. Travel can be internally adjusted from 80 to 160mm and there is a weight saving shorter stanchion option for 120mm and under. Both the Trace 29 and the Slant feature the new Gold Slick Ano coating which is key to the increased lifespan. This new coating is not just better at holding lube but actually creates a harder sliding surface for better wear characteristics.

    The Uni-Crown construction is a first in the industry. The fork crown undergoes a multi-step forging and machining process to create a single piece crown and steerer unit that is more durable and has tested at up to 40% stiffer than a two piece assembly. This should be especially noticeable when diving into a rocky rooty section under braking where the fork would normally want to flex backward under the bike.

    The fork dampers featuring Mid-Valve are designed to provide more control through the mid-travel stroke of the shock. Basically a preset secondary low speed compression circuit that should provide increased resistance to the fork compressing up underneath the rider when in situations such as braking on a downhill. This damper is found in all of the 32 and 34mm forks.

    The new Gold Slick Ano stanchion coating mentioned previously is not just on the new forks but is being added to the Vengeance fork, and the Vector Air and Coil shocks pick up this upgrade too.

    In addition to all the performance upgrades, X-Fusion is planning to offer a custom tuning service to help users get the most of out of their shocks. For a modest charge you can send in your shock to be modified with one of several preselected options. These setup options have all been tested to ensure they will work for the specific bike and needs of the rider. While the basic tune will work great for most people this will allow riders to easily move to the next level of performance.

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