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  • 2012 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Frame
  • greeble

    Very interested in this. How much without the shock and collected from Swindon?

    Well, the shock isn’t a lot of use to me, and is hard to sell with the proprietary end of the shaft, but i suppose i could get £50 for it maybe, so knock that off of the asking price (plus a little bit for postage) and we can talk from there 🙂

    Or of course, make me an offer for the lot, and you can do with the shock as you please?

    drop me an email m _ brazier AT hot mail DOT com

    2012 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Frame.

    Size: MEDIUM
    Tapered headset – headset/bearings included – i’ll repack with greese before sending.
    Bolt through 142×12 rear
    Also included – PF30 adapter BB so you can use normal Shimano cranks! (£35 alone 2 months ago)
    Also included – Spare mech hanger (rrp £25)

    Owned from new and originally bought as a full build. I’ve recently bought a new frame and moved all my parts off, so am left with this frame to sell.

    ***VERY RARE*** (Go on, try and find one of these for sale elsewhere, i dare you!) EVO model which im sure you’ve all seen the 10/10 reviews in so many mags and online reviews. Truely is a

    great bike to ride – light enough for XC, great angles for when things get rough and point down!

    The bike was purchased new in January 2012 and ridden mainly at trail centers. It is used, and does have a few superficial scratches and heel rub, but its perfectly straight and has had ALL of the bearings replaced within the last month.

    The rear shock is the RP2 with the propedal switch and AUTOSAG. This has recently been serviced and relubed so good to go. The only issue with the shock, which i only noticed while cleaning it up, is a slight nick on the stanction. I’ve had it looked at and have been told its not bad and there is no air or oil leaking due to this so please dont let this minor scratch put you off.

    £650 posted to your door. COLLECTION welcome from Swindon, Wiltshire or maybe along the M4/south Wales so i could get a ride in somewhere!

    Any questions, please just ask.

    All pictures are below (the spot lights in the room make the scratches appear worse than they

    are in real life!):

    Premier Icon tomaso

    If’d take the surplus shock :mrgreen:

    Great! Lets see if Greeble replies and we can sort something out 🙂


    if you did it for £600 with the shock I’ll come pick it up this eve

    Greeble – You’ve twisted my arm! Do you want to drop me an email on m_brazier AT hotmail DOT com and we can arrange the finer details.




    Sorry I’ll pass.

    If its the price, then please let me know as I’d shift on price for an easy deal.

    STILL FOR SALE in the mean time.


    the price I have in mind is too low. £450

    I’d be willing to listen at no lower than £500 if it were to be picked up for an easy cash deal?

    Emails received and replied to. No sale yet, but plenty of interest. 🙂


    2nd dibs on the shock if greeble wants the frame minus shock?

    Off to bed now (early shift tomorrow!) but email in profile!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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