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  • 2012 Lapierre Zesty 714 Carbon Frame Breakage
  • Hi All

    I wanted to gauge how many riders have experienced a crack in near the bottom bracket on a 2012 Zesty 714 Carbon Frame.

    Bike has been ridden for about 6 months after being purchased in March 2012 and was a crack has appeared just above the bottom bracket.

    It is a weird position and looks like it must have been down to a stress fracture at a weak position on the frame. The crack is at a place that is well protected by the swing arms, so unsure how else it could have happened.

    I was informed by a bike shop that they have seen problems in the same place and it may have been a manufacturing fault.

    Expect it will be replaced by Lapierre, but would like to gain some feedback.

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    isn’t there a Lapp forum ? i think my mate uses it,


    That was a common place for the Zesty to crack but I thought they were mostly 2009-2011 failures.

    Thanks all, I have added my subject already to the forum to see who else has had a problem.

    Just hope they will accept under the warranty

    The Lapierre forum gets little traffic so you’re more likely to get an answer on here. I’ve had 3 warranty claims on my 09 Alu version, 2 were done in a week the other 2 months.
    They are probably the most popular FS bike in the UK so it’s hard to gauge whether the amount of failures you here about are just due to that popularity or whether they really do deserve to be called snapierre.


    Most popular FS?? really, i hardly ever seen one! (everyones on Spec-ies / Giants round here!)

    Will go check my 714, i had the first in the UK back in Dec 11, and it’s been used pretty hard. I didn’t notice any crack when it got it’s full rebuild last month however.


    Ok, just had a look. My 2012 714 is full of cracks! 😯

    Several obvious cracks in the filet areas around where the chain stays attach to the main triangle above the bottom bracket, and also where the shock swing link attaches to the underside of the top tube.

    But, how deep are these cracks? It looks very much to me that the “filler” material used to make nice radii between the carbon parts is cracking as the frame flexes? Because of the black gloss finish it’s easy to see these cracks, but impossible to tell how deep they go!

    Will be keeping an eye on the length of these cracks and see if they propogate……..

    Yep see more Zestys than Stumpjumpers nowadays.

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    Lapierre changed their production factory in 2011 (part way through the 2012 build run) to the detriment of build quality/structural integrity and they are aware of issues with certain frames and how/where they break – the warranty with regard to this issue is usually top notch and without hassle. If they don’t have a replacement 2012 frame (none left any where as far as i know) then they may/will offer you a 2013 model.

    You could argue it shouldn’t have happened in the first place but to be fair to Lapierre they have honoured all breakages i the known areas in have had experience of.

    My pals , 2012 514 , has cracked in the same place , it was returned to the shop Monday he’s waiting to hear a reply but as the above said , everyone I know has had a newer or higher spec replacement as compensation. Good luck

    Thank you to everyone for the feedback. Its good to know that they honor their commitments and about the production line changes.

    The shop I took it to said that they had seen a few problems on the 2012 frames and this seems to verify it.

    Maxtorque I would get that frame into a shop so they can check it out you don’t want your frame disintegrating on a hard fast decent.

    Looks like I’ve just succumbed to exactly the same malady; I’ve hardly ridden the bike really so when I noticed it I was rather surprised.

    However, is heartening to know it’s a result of manufacturing issues (which I did wonder)…

    Will be nice if I ended up with a 2013 🙂


    You will get a 2013 🙂

    Ask hotlines to supply your new frame with the correct rear axle spec. If you don’t say anything you get a 9mm axle, but if your rear wheel hub can be adapted it’s a good opportunity to go up in size

    Oh very good point. I’m running Havens with 9mm hub on the rear.

    I can’t remember if you can get conversion kits, but I think there are – but is it 10×135 or 12×135?

    Gotta say however, and it’s a real shame as I love the Zesty, I’m pondering if it’s worth flogging the new frame on and getting something else…

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