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  • 2011 Orange Five SE £4,400 !!!!
  • Horse

    Got to jump at the defence of the 819s here, they’re ace, I bought them over all the Stans after much debate and discussion with All Terrain’s wheel builder/destroyer.
    Four times.

    As a UST rim they’re great.
    That’s from a DHing clumsy straight-lining fat bloke who rides in the Lakes.


    one of the best rims out there. also one of my fav bits of kit. if youcan easily wreck an 819 on this kind of bike then you really need to sort yer choice of parts for the job at hand,not to mention yer riding style.

    Premier Icon Kamakazie

    Surrounded wrote:

    Fiat 500 won car of the year in 2008, Vauxhall Insignia won it in 2009, VW Polo won it this year. You’re not seriously trying to tell me that winning the “anything” of the year is worth the paper it’s written on are you?

    There are far far better bikes out there for the money? How much would a Carbon Mojo be with that spec for example?

    Apart from the fact that all 3 cars you quoted are basically the best in class you might be on to someth…. oh wait.

Viewing 3 posts - 121 through 123 (of 123 total)

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