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  • tymbian

    I’m thinking of selling my BFe and getting another bouncer and was wondering about the 2010 S Works Enduro..are they any good? Mountains, singletrack, gravity etc…

    I’ve a pitch which is essentialy the same as the previous version, it’s ace going downhill, bit of a slog going allong the flat, but climbing is OK, it’s not a fan of technical climbs as I found the suspension tends to dig into steps rather than bounce over them and the long/slack front end makes it hard to throw weight forewards to lift it over them, but for average rock strewn peaks bridelway climbing it’s fine (it’s just won’t go up the Beast or Bamford Clough like an XC bike can). I’ve done everything from 40-50mile rides to uplift hollidays on mine and it’s great.


    Is the Pitch the same then geometry wise?


    My ’11 Enduro evo is a much better bike than my old Pitch. It climbs surprisingly well and descends brilliantly. I can only imagine that the S-Works with its air shock and carbon(?) frame will do the riding along the flat and climbing a lot better and wont be too far behind on the descending.

    Mine is a bit heavy but it will cope with anything. With just a change of tyres mine is good for Antur Stiniog double black one day and bombing around Coed y Brenin the next.

    Yes its never going to be an XC bike but an XC bike is crap on the descents and if you take it to the likes of Antur it would snap within minutes.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    I had the 2010 enduro pro frame.

    I sold it. In a straight line it was awesome, on flowy stuff it was brilliant, it was also nice in the air.

    On tight steep techy stuff, it was an absolute nightmare, cumbersome and ponderous.

    I never felt totally at ease on the thing and as it was essentially my “uplift holiday bike” it would take me a couple of days of mincing around first, to get used to it before I felt could let it rip. It didn’t inspire confidence but it was capable.


    See, I don’t find mine cumbersome or ponderous on the steep tech stuff. Granted I have never taken it to the alps so it might be a different kettle of fish. From where I have ridden it I would have thought that steep tech stuff would be fine. Very tight corners are where it falls down in my eyes, but that could just be me.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Ive got one, its my third Enduro and I think its the best yet. Use it for every thing including trips to the alps

    Kevin also has an Expert which Abigale now uses, its not as light but still good fun

    mr plow

    My opinions

    Good: decending – Opposite to Luke I find mine great at all decending apart from very fast light rough stuff where I think the short stays make it slightly less stable but not that I would rate it as “bad”. Everything else DH very good and espcially tight steep stuff and playing in the Alps.

    Bad: It is a lot of bike for normal UK trail work and does sap leg work compared to other bikes but is manageable. I use mine for everything and ride with people on the same types of bike so not an issue.

    Mine does have a Pushed rear shock and although i did like the original 2012 shock it did have a trapdoor tune at a decent sag setting which you might want rid of.

    Not sure how people get on with bushes as I can feel play after a year? – still to investigate and could just be a DU bush but annoying all the same.

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