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  • 2010 Aluminium Zesty, Prone to Cracking?
  • andymac

    Just about to go n-1 and sell my freeride bike and put the 160mm forks on my 2010 Aluminium Zesty 314.

    I know there are a lot of threads on cracking and Zestys but this seems to be mainly the carbon ones. Any experiences of cracking on the alu versions of that era? The bike will be getting a bit more of a beating than before and I am slightly worried that as soon as I sell my Wildcard the Zesty will crack!

    I only ride uphills for the downs so I am not worried about the slack handling.


    It’ll be fine. I’ve got a 2008 aluminium Zesty 714 with Lyriks on and I’m not dead yet (they are wound down to about 145mm most of the time though).

    IIRC the front triangle is the same as the Spicy so there is no reason why 160 would cause any problems. I wind mine out to 160 and put offset bushings in when I want to slacken it off a bit for uplifts/alps duties.

    Aren’t most of the cracks around the BB and rear ends anyway?


    Yes it was really the back end I was worried about with the extra speed I would hopefully be carrying. It will have a CCDB air on it, so that should help smooth things a little.


    Wen I bought my spicy frame from next level bikes I was told they’d not had any aluminium frame failures whatsoever. The only failures they’d seen were carbon.

    I did a load of reading before buying it and found that the front triangles (zesty & spicy) are the same. So based on that I’d give it a go.


    I cracked 2 rear ends on a 2009 Zesty and then the seat tube / tope tube join on the main frame. Have a 2011 replacement with carbon rear end that survived a week in the Alps but hasn’t had that much use.


    My 2010 zesty is still going strong, plenty of dings and scratches but no cracks yet.


    There were four 2009/10 alloy 514 Zestys amongst my cycling group of mates, three have had cracked chainstays
    one happened in the first year, the other two have recently happened just before the 5 year warranty ran out…

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I think Lapierre will not supply spare parts so I’d anything does go wrong out of warranty you’re stuffed.


    Thanks for the responses. Bit of a mixed bag then. Might keep the other bike after all!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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