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  • Premier Icon snotrag

    Whos using them?

    I’m contemplating new brakes to replace my ageing original Saints – there a wee bit tatty and I just fancy a change.

    Was never a fan of Hope brakes of old but the new ones look very swish – still not quite sure what I’d be after though?

    The V2’s are the same as previous v2s yes, IE Hugely powerful brakes for clydesdales doing a season in Morzine…?

    So what about the new ones?

    I guess ‘Tech’ refers to the new lever, then theres the choice of either X2 or M4 Calipers… I guess the X2 is the new Mono Mini?

    So whos using them, and do you rate them?

    Premier Icon schmiken

    Got the X2 Pros, love em to bits!


    Got the tech M4’s

    ACE, you get the levers to feel just how you like them to feel as there’s so much adjustment.

    Premier Icon easygirl

    found that the new levers dont fit well with shimano shifters
    you have to run them very wide for them to clear the shifters
    overheated quickly
    not impressed , sold them after 2 weeks went back to the ones

    no performance gain old moto v2’s to new.
    only benefit is the improved looking levers as the old moto v2’s also have bite adjust, just less easy to get to 😯


    Hope are just at the point of releasing a new ‘matchmaker’ style bracket to hold both the brake and shifter similar to the avid one but with the gorgeous machined hope look. Yo can see a photo in the article on the Core bike show on the Homepage here. I’m just deliberating on buying a set of the tech m4’s. Pimblett how do you find yours for feel and power?

    Premier Icon edd


    Lots of people are having problems mounting the Tech levers with various shifters. It seems to be a bit hit and miss but certainly any gear indicator will have to be removed and certain shifters will only work with the Hope ‘matchmaker’ thingy. It seems to me to be a big oversight by Hope, who usually make great well thought out products, to offer a lever which has limited compatibility with shifters.


    I’d stick with looking for Hopes if i were you, ive just been on a major mission trying to get some new 09 Saints….palava!
    ordered a pair at a bargain price, only to have the front one turn up with the explanation that Madison are holding back all new stock so that the new price increase can be taken into effect.
    ended up finding a shop with a rear in stock (after about an hours calling round) snapped it up at the higher price….only to find out theyd put the price up the next day too!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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