2007 Mini Cooper, why not?

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  • 2007 Mini Cooper, why not?
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    Getting a bit fed up of just driving a van and looking at a 75-100k Cooper. New gearboxes by then and avoid the sunroof ones are common warnings. Has anybody got any experiences of owning them?

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    I owned a Cooper S Clubman for 2 years. No problems with it at all. I loved that little car and only sold it because I needed more deposit for the house. Still miss it.

    My daughter’s just sold her 2007 Cooper and my partner had a 2007 one for 8 years (traded for a ’16 model). No faults to speak of on either. Brake discs wear fast, tailgate locks fail as do rear wipers and washers. Run flat tyres are a harsh ride. Go kart handling, excellent fuel consumption.
    Prior to ’07 they had a (I think) Chrysler engine which was a bit crap. ’14 – on models are better in most repects, especially that lovely 3 cylinder engine.


    We’ve just bought a 57 plate cooper d with 130k on the clock as a run around. Drives great nice and solid, £20 a year tax and great on full. I have also got rid of a van which I am finding hard with the space difference mind you. Nice little car but there is some bad ones out there.

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    I’ve had a 53 plate (so an R53) since new – great car.
    Power steering pumps can be a problem on the R53’s. Also the rear wash wipe is a slightly odd design (water goes through centre spindle) so make sure it is working properly.
    Electric windows can also be a bit temperamental…however parts are also readily available.

    Much as I like my car, you might want to have a look round for an R56 though (the 2nd generation).

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    Ad, the model changed from 2005. Prior to that there were supposed to be issues with clutch, power steering pump and sometimes gearboxes. I have a 2.5 budget so am after 2007. Probably with stripes as I feel I am due a midlife crisis.

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    My housemate at the time had one of the original supercharged JCW cars.





    Another friend had a civic type r and the mini made it feel like your gran’s civic.

    Not advisable if you have a spine and less than billiard table smooth roads.

    Looking at prices I reckon they might be a future classic and what they drink in fuel you might get back?

    My Mrs had that model of Cooper from new for about 6 years. Lovely little thing, solid and a hoot to chuck about. Zero issues.

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    You have a woman’s car!

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    From experience, and as previous people have mentioned, check the brake discs, leccy windows and hatch lock.  Pretty obvious, but check panel fit and uneven tyre wear in case it’s been stuffed in a hedge at some point.

    Myself and the OH have owner a 2001 Cooper, 2004 Cooper S Works and 2008 Cooper S.  Apart from brake disc consumption and a bit of intermittent leccy window oddness on the 2008 car, all were great.  Fairly impractical and the ride quality is crap, but great fun to fling around – the supercharger Works was utterly bonkers (though it needed to be at 17mpg!)😁

    I had a 2009 Cooper S for 4 years. It was a brilliant little car. I enjoyed driving it, but it wasn’t easy on the front tyres or fuel. I agree with other people that the ride was stiff and you could feel it after a long day in the car.

    Check to see if it has the timing chain replaced. It was a weak part but the replacements should last. There is a tell-tale rattle from the chain when you lift off the accelerator as it starts to go. If it’s very light rattle a top up of oil solves the problem.

    But the Cooper S if your budget stretches to it. They are great little cars. I miss my Mini every week.


    My sister’s Mini One was a garage special, and a colleagues Cooper was a nightmare also. Shite was both’s experience with them.


    Total shite


    I had a Cooper S and it was the most “fun” car I’ve owned. not fastest but most fun. It somehow feels faster than other cars. one time on a 40mph road, my mate was asking with concern how fast i was going. I pointed at the speedo in the middle (40mph). he said: I thought that’s a big clock!”

    Wife’s 57 plate mini one has had no end of issues, has now had a reconditioned engine. Being used as a Driving Instructor’s vehicle probably not helped. Used to drink oil! Mate has Cooper S which is thirsty on oil. For a reliable engine can beat a 1.8 VAG engine ragged my LCR for 8yrs 100k+ miles was great fun

    Google the engine. Petrol engines this age were the French ‘ prince’ engine. As mentioned timing chains go. Tensioners go. Vanos problems. Big end bearings went in mine at 70k with full service history. Be very careful.

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