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  • 2003 sid team forks, -valve (bottom valve)
  • stoddys

    Ok I’ve just brought some 2 nd hand forks.
    I’ve rebuilt my reba race ones before so am fairly confident doing this stuff.
    My 2003 ish sid team lower valve (the -pressure one) has a very short thread and my rock shox pump ,that fits the upper and both valves in my reba’s, threads on it douse not connect with the Center pin of the valve to measure the pressure and to pump it up. (Douse that make cense?)

    The connection on the pump is quite deep.

    So to the questions?..

    Do the shock pump connections vary in depth?
    Can I buy a new lower valve with longer thread to fit to the fork?

    Tried googling the new valve but no luck.

    Hope all you out there have some wisdom for me.



    Sounds like the bottom of rod has been filed down, possibly to get rid of any damage and its now left it too short.
    Found a pic for reference:


    Once the dust cap is on you should still have a couple of ‘mm’ of thread before the 10mm nut


    It is the same setup as my other forks, but on the Sid team the thread for the pump is very short in comparison with the reba ones, there has been no damage because the valve core is still fine.
    Perhaps the early ones just had short thread and I need to find an early pump that douse not have a deep connection to the valve?
    I will measure it later to let you know the length to see if it much different.



    hopefully you can see the valve length, it’s 5mm. my pump connection is between 7&8mm.
    can I get a longer valve to replace this one in the fork. or is my pump to fault?


    Ah right, either the fork has the wrong air rod fitted or someone has put the wrong length foot nut on. No drama though as you can remove the footnut to inflate the fork without fear of loosing any oil.
    Simples 🙂

    Premier Icon njee20

    +1 for wrong foot nut, not the end of the world, bit of a pain.


    This might be a bit of a numpty question.
    Is the foot nut the 10mm nut you can see in the picture? The thread to the left holds the valve core. Hoe douse the air stay in if you remove this nut?

    Is it this part I need to replace?

    05-12 Bar air valve assembly

    Thanks for the replies

    The foot nut is indeed the 10mm one in our picture. Yes that part (2nd down on your link) would do it: equally you could speak nicely to the likes of Loco or jtec fork tuning people and see if they have a spare one knocking about as that sort of nut is common to a lot of RS forks.

    The air will stay in if you remove your nut: inside, the threaded part you are having trouble screwing your shock pump on is actually a long tube which goes up to the negative chamber way up inside the fork, ad there are a couple of seals stopping air leaking out regardless of what you do with the foot nut. (if air does leak when you undo it this is a sign that one of the seals inside the air spring has failed).

    All being well inside the fork, the worst that would happen whe you remove the nut to get your shock pump on is that some of the lubricating oil in the lower leg would leak out. This is unlikely though: it is an interference fit inside the lower leg that you have to tap inwards with a rubber mallet to undo if you want to drain the oil and service the fork. I very much doubt that screwing on a shock pump and careful (as opposed to jumping up and down on it) pumping would disodge it, and putting the nut back on and nipping it up tight would re-seal it anyway. For belt and braces approach, do the top/positive spring first, and then break the ’11th commandment of stw’ by turning the fork/bike upside down and then do the bottom valve. (You should always adjust positive first on rs dual air forks)


    Foot nut should be 21mm in length measuring a scrap 28mm sid (courtesy of a kind customer said have them for parts if anyone needs them 😀 ) I have in stock, can supply foot nut or whole air assm. as necessary (rockshox have delisted parts for these)


    Thanks Julian and loCo
    As suggested I did remove the nut and pump up the -chamber after the + one.
    As previously said its a bit if a faf but it works.
    The foot nut is in fact 21mm so replacing it will make no difference, but what I did not find is any rubber seal between the foot nut and the outside base of the fork, I’m thinking either it seals inside or it’s missing. Only because the foot nut has a small recess were it contacts the fork.
    The next big question is why is the thread so short? Was the fork rebuilt incorrectly when someone serviced it or were early connections just that short.

    I know I can get the pump to work by cutting the height of the 10 mm nut in half, it will gain mr the 4 mm I need to connect. . What do you think ? Too cowboy?

    The fork seems smooth and works well and holds pressure, so next time it’s due for a service I can check out the assembly inside.

    Don’t want to go to the trouble of posting bits just yet as I’m in Cyprus, but it’s good to know that when my curiosity gets the better of me and I strip them you might be able to supply the bits.

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