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  • 2003 Enduro Replacement Suggestions?
  • PJM1974

    FWIW I’ve a 2004 Enduro as my main full suss bike. It’s been upgraded to the point where the only original component is the frame itself, but it just seems to get better and better over the years as I bolt newer kit to it.

    I’ve also got an ’09 Wolf Ridge, itself massively upgraded and an Orange Pure 7 hardtail too, just to put it in context.

    It’s worth checking out Bikescene, they’re doing some offers on Spesh frames right now and I’d go so far as to suggest that a Stumpy Evo is probably a worthy sucessor. You’d probably need to budget for a tapered fork too, but everything else could carry over, with the possible exception of the cranks.

    If my Enduro dies tomorrow, a Stumpy Evo would be my first choice.


    Thanks PJM, mine is also very ‘upgraded’ (Maverick DUC32s, Hope brakes, tubeless rims, etc) but after a quick spin on a mate’s Ghost i’m thinking the frame itself might be a bit past it. Looking for a full bike rather than just a frame. Too many new ‘standards’ since 2003!

    I used to work for Bike Scene and as a result, wouldn’t spend a penny there!

    Stumpy Evo does look like the most obvious choice though…


    Starting to think about retiring my 2003 S-Works Enduro. It’s been used for everything from 24 hour events to the proper(ish) DH tracks at Descend Hamsterley. Most weekends though it’s been a faithful companion on what I’d call aggro XC rides (3-5 hour rides with an emphasis on fitting in as many technical descents as possible).

    Looking for a similar sort of do everything bike but with the benefits of 10 years of development. Budget could possibly stretch to £3000 but would be hoping to spend more like £2000. Really like the look of the Whyte 146s, but have read quite a bit on here about frames cracking…

    Haven’t test ridden anything yet but looking to get a short list together so I can go start haggling with bike shops.

    Any suggestions?

    Rob Hilton

    05/06 Enduro? See what you missed out on 7 years ago :mrgreen:

    I have nowt useful to put towards this thread but can we turn it into an enduro picture tread.?


    go on then!

    ^^^ That’s a beast.!


    That’s why it’s taken me so long to even think about replacing it!

    Premier Icon seven

    Been thinking similar thoughts, especially after riding a mates (dare I say it on here?) Orange 5.

    But still get great fun from this

    Information by jake474, on Flickr

    I used to own one and I really liked it, after that had a horst link turner 5 spot which had a similar ride (perhaps a bit better TBH). Got a DW link turner 5 spot a few years ago and love it. I guess i do similar riding a few trail centres lakes stuff scotland etc, and used it for Hamsterly 1 2 1 and it felt good for both xc and dh days. Im sure if you got one of the 2011 frames that have been discounted you could build a good bike in your budget.

    Premier Icon althepal

    Go on then!

    Swapped for this-

    (the big white one, obv..)


    Have a look at one of the YT Wicked range – at the top end of your budget you’d be able to get an incredible spec – BOS suspension, Sram X0, etc, alternatively the lower end models are fantastic value. Also they use FSR style suspension so it would have similar ride characteristics to the Enduro that you’re riding at the moment, only with more modern geometry.


    Ooh! There’s some lovely pics in this thread – I don’t have a picassa or whatever so I cannot share mine. So I’ll list the spec instead: 😀

    2004 Spesh Enduro Frame with PUSHed Float
    2010 Rockshox Revelation with 20mm Maxle
    ProII hubs with DT Swiss spokes and Mavic 717s
    Thompson stem and post
    Spesh Phenom Expert saddle
    Easton Haven bars
    2010 XT cranks, shifters, cassette and mechs
    Hope X2 calipers on 2008 Mono levers

    The whole shebang comes in at circa 27lb. I may well commute on it tomorrow after reading this thread…

    Hey Steezysix, a freind of mine just came back from the alps raving about the YT bikes. Just had a look at the wicked 160 LTD
    Boss forks & shock
    Mavic Crossmax SX wheels
    A fair bit of Sram XO
    A reverb post
    A frame design and geometry that looks pretty similar to a Lapierre
    All weighing in at less than 30lbs for 160mm travel!

    All for less than £2.5k thats got to be a good deal!


    OP Stumpjumper Evo by the sounds of it?

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Why hell did I ever sell my 04 SWorks…

    And Stumpjumper EVO would be my first choice were I lucky enough to have your dilemma.


    Yeah, I got a Wicked 150 last year, was umming & ahhing over getting a Zesty for a while but didn’t have the budget for anything other than the most basic spec. Saw a few good write ups on YT and decided to take the risk. Glad I did, quality on the YT is as good as anything else out there and it rides great. Heard similarly good stories about Canyon bikes too (another German direct buy brand).

    just had another look the entry model is pretty well speced 150mm travel
    Revelation forks
    X9 gearing etc

    Comes in at just over £1500…. thats £300 LESS than i paid for my Enduro in 2003 9 years ago?/??!!!! WTF!


    I agree with pjm1974, when my enduro dies I’m going for a stumpjumper, seems the equivalent of my current ride.

    But then Rob Hilton makes a good point. The 2005 frame is ace. Mines been rebuilt with 2011/2012 parts and is epic. 🙂

    Premier Icon Stuuey

    I went from my 04 s- works Enduro to a Tracer VP with CCDB found it similar with the benefit of more travel and a coil. Much better on the rough stuff although the backend is slightly less stiff than the Enduro.

    Miss the Enduro but wouldn’t go back.


    I replaced my 03 s-works enduro with a Canyon AM6 (with a few upgrades) last year and I’ve been very happy with it. It’s better both up and downhill but my enduro was pretty tired by the end. Saying that a couple of years earlier I’d tested various Treks, Commencals and Marins and the only one that I though was a much better all round bike was a Trek ex 9.9.


    stumpy evo if you like long days out the best, new enduro if you want to go faster next time you go to Hamsterly


    Stumpjumper or Ghost AMR Plus.


    Thanks everyone!

    Stumpjumper Evo is looking like the favorite so far but those YT Industries bikes look like amazing value.

    Obviously i’d prefer to have a test ride but that’s not gonna happen. Suspension looks very similar to the Lapierre, would it be worth having a go on one of them to get a feel for it?

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