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  • 2002 Ford Mondeo 2.0L TDDi 115bhp Zetec Diesel Estate – £600 – Yorkshire area
  • B.A.Nana



    2002 Ford Mondeo 2.0L TDDi 115bhp Zetec Diesel Estate
    First reg Feb 2002 (51 reg)
    Metallic Panther Black
    Taxed till: 30 June 2013 MOT till: 31 Jan 2014
    184,000 miles

    Good solid car and engine, still good inside, only 1 previous owner (I’ve had it for 7 years), reason for changing is desire for a newer car. The only downside with this car is the bodywork beginning to look a bit shabby. A number of supermarket/car park dents, one is noticeable. There are also a few rust spots starting to appear.
    Metallic panther black paint, fog lights, windscreen heater, alloy wheels, ABS, roof bars, power steering, electric mirrors, outside temp display, imobiliser/alarm/dead lock, 2 keys, remote locking, electric windows, air con/heater, original radio/CD,
    Last service/oil change was Jan 2012. I’ve had it serviced every year at good, well respected local garage, original owner had it Ford dealer serviced regularly upto 80k miles he owned it. All info stamped in log book
    Good Stuff
    • Genuine mostly motorway/dual carriageway miles all it’s life.
    • Engine is still in great condition in my opinion, idle, starting (new battery:Dec 2012), plenty of torque from turbo. Serviced every 12 months, first 4 years by Ford dealer, last 7 years at well respected local garage.
    • Air con and heating, all still fully working as are all the other major electrics.
    • No noise from suspension, it sounds like new.
    • Alloy wheels in good condition and tyres still have lots of mileage (2 are new Aug 12)
    • No major issues and has never had any, just little cosmetic bits and pieces now not working (see info below)
    • Only 1 previous owner
    • 53mpg recorded pretty accurately on a recent trip Bingley to Dover, 3 male adults and fully packed car for a 2 week camping and mountain biking holiday. We stuck to 70mph all the way, in theory it should achieve better than 55mpg on similar trip, unladen.
    • Has never had a towbar fitted
    • 2 keys, full Service History stamped log book, owner manual
    • 2 new tyres Aug 2012, new battery Dec 2012 (garage had previously advised battery wasn’t 100%, had new battery fitted in Dec 12 during some very cold spells when old battery appeared to be struggling slightly on engine start up, now starts immediately).

    Bad Stuff (Assume everything in working order unless stated otherwise below)
    • AM/LW on radio not working, everything else works ie FM/CD player.
    • Dash light bulb out, not an MOT failure, been driving it like this for 2 years, speedo still lights up.
    • Little nick on windscreen, not in an MOT failure zone, been there for the 7 years I’ve owned it, so confident it won’t spread.
    • Occasional whine in engine on start up from cold, been around for 2-3 years, now getting a bit more regular, but intermittent.
    • One catch on rear 60/40 split seat not working properly, has to be activated by hand. WD40 might sort it possibly. No issue on MOT.
    • Rust spots appearing on a door sill and tailgate sill, probably elsewhere as well. One or two spots noticeable.
    • Number of dents around car bodywork, all genuinely from supermarket/public car parks. One dent to front wing is noticeable. Looks like someone caught it whilst parking/reversing.
    • Front passenger door handle is sometimes a bit stiff to open from outside (needs a good tug sometimes), don’t know what the issue is and it’s intermittent, been like that for 7 years I’ve owned it and not become any worse.
    • Steering sometimes (intermittent) has a little clunk feel thru the steering wheel at very slow speed, been like this 7 years I’ve owned it and never failed MOT.
    • Recently some creaking noise from driver door when driving, might be simple as hinges needing grease or something. Intermittent.
    • Front passenger seat has a stain on it which I’ve never been able to fully remove.
    • Couple of small nicks to interior vinyl trim from transporting my mountain bike.
    • Quite a few scratches to paint as you would expect on 11yo car, mostly just close inspection type scratches.
    • Rear parcel shelf privacy roller blind is retracting very slowly (replacements are £20 off ebay).
    • Front passenger carpet has recently got damp (dry now), not losing water from heater matrix, so believe it to be thru door seal. Appeared to happen during a torrential downpour. Only recently happened, so haven’t investigated.

    Recent work
    Jan 2012
    Full Service and MOT
    Aug 2012
    Had garage check it over prior to a holiday in Italy.
    Replaced ball joint and anti roll bar link, 2 new tyres, turbo pipe replaced, centre section of exhaust replaced
    Dec 2012
    New Battery with 2 yr warranty
    Jan 2013
    MOT (£200 including £50 for MOT and VAT, so not bad for 11yo car)

    Please don’t let the above list of negative stuff put you off, I’ve been genuine about absolutely every little fault I can think of. A lot of stuff people wouldn’t bother mentioning in their ads and all older high mileage cars will have their issues. I’ve just been absolutely honest about everything. This car should give many more miles of faultless motoring with just the usual upkeep, wear and tear work required to older cars. It’s been a great car for me in the 7 years I’ve owned it.
    I’m happy to have the car viewed at any time (might need a few days notice to re arrange work commitments).

    Please feel free to ask questions and/or arrange a viewing in BINGLEY or SKIPTON.


    Still interested but not at £600


    It’s not too bad for a Zetec Hora.. My Saloon on the same plate was around there. You can sell the Alloys for £100ish easy or PX some Steelies (I’ve got some if you wanted too 😉 ) so you’ll still have wheels and you’ll re-coup some of your money.

    Just my opinion OFC.

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