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  • £2000 mpv/suv ?
  • Premier Icon martymac

    I have a scenic, its ok.
    Consider a zafira too.
    Id avoid diesel tbh.
    Avoid high spec cars too, too many things to go wrong.

    Premier Icon si77

    Mazda 5.

    7 seater. Rear 2 rows fold flat so can get bikes in upright with front wheel off.

    At suggested price buy on condition rather than specific model. There are a number of different makes/models that will fit the bill.


    Another vote for a Berlingo our works Vanborghini is a charming little sod and whilst I’ve never had the chance to drive one, I’d reckon a more refined version would be enough for the job.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Rav4. You’d get the older shape with the removable seats for that, just about

    Premier Icon Bregante

    In a recommend what you own kind of way – you can pick up a 2.0 VTEC Honda FRV for that kind of money. I’ve had mine 12 years and it’s been absolutely faultless in that time. It’s currently returning the best mpg that it ever has done and I’m starting to think it’s going to run forever. It’s not as big as a Zafira (which coincidentally I have access to at work) but with the seats folded down it will easily take four bikes with the wheels off.


    Meriva – I had one, dull to look at but did the job nicely.

    plus one

    Following on from current threads on lifestyle cars.

    If you had £2000 to buy an ideal bike wagon but need rear seats for passengers when not biking what would you buy ?

    Renault scenic ?
    Vauxhall zafira ?


    Agree with above buy on condition/ value.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Honda Stream, if you need 7 seater. Not great fuel economy but reliable and nicer to drive than most.

    Any of them good for bike carrying and sleeping in?

    Premier Icon dawson

    Toyota Corolla Verso? Seats fold independently and go completely flat

    Any thing Japanese.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I can (& have) slept in my Galaxy, it’s like a van with the seats out. Finding a good one means the TDi engine & manual box, but decent ones are rare these days. They have a few common niggles, all cheap to fix. But as a bus for kid hauling, bike hauling, (caravan hauling in our case), they are simply great. Mines on 130k now & just gets on with it.

    £2k is a tricky price point, you could end up with something shagged or a right bargain. In general, look for lower spec, petrol engines as there is less to go wrong. Having had one, a T2 or T3 spec 1.6 or 1.8 Toyota Verso would be one I’d look for.

    The problem with SUV / MPV type vehicles is the use they get. Kids jumping in/out, stop/start school/shopping run type stuff really leaves its mark.

    If it were my £2k I’d look at a large hatch or estate. Again, petrol engine, lower spec. It will do everything an MPV will do but your more likely to get something that has been looked after. 80k of motorway mikes is preferable to 40k of town duties.

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