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  • £200 hardtail – is it possible?
  • A mate wants a 17″ hardtail with decent forks, discs if possible. Is this possible? if so – where?



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    See some chav in a pub……

    Buy my ’97 Kona Lava Dome with Manitou X-Vert Supers – actually only joking and it’s a 19″ anyway, however secondhand is the only way to go.

    how about this (slightly over budget)


    that’s ok for the money.
    £200 is not enough tho.

    This looks better. for the money. Again a little bit more than budget.

    And this one somewhere in between.

    That yukon is shocking


    brand new, no chance
    second hand yeah,

    bought a older circa 2002 hardrock with complete upgrades, off the classifieds, for a friend
    rs sids xt/lx drivetrain, avid v’s
    very light immaculate condition £220

    recently got a old gt frame setup for SS
    disc brakes
    everything but wheels, chain and cog.
    £85 again classified
    changing the forks
    so reckon the build would come to £150

    just need to look on the classifieds

    2nd hand is the way to go for a better bike for the money you want to spend.


    the cycle to work scheme if your work is on it or anyone you know and you’ll be able to get about a £400 bike.


    That yukon is shocking

    so is spending just £200 on an MTB and thinking it will be trailworthy.

    buy the GT 🙂

    the bike i linked to is £240 reducd by 50% – so in effect he is spending £480 on a hardtail


    a mate from work has just bought the GT a couple of months ago. He pleased with it. I reckon it was the best we could find for the price at the time. think he got his for £280.00 though.


    so in effect he is spending £480 on a hardtail

    you really believe that?


    “so in effect he is spending £480 on a hardtail”

    Its still only got V-brakes though
    And non-disc hubbed wheels


    Someone offered me a nice Brodie Niner in a pub in Sheff the other night


    I’ve been looking at this price range lately for my kids and this was one that looked good value:

    2008 commencal normal

    £224.96 – 27.9lbs. V Brakes but disc ready hubs.

    There is a 2009 one too not much more.

    Decent ‘looking’ forks~


    forgot about those commencals!!!
    Definitely the way to go… If they have your mates size. Disc ready wheels and a frame that can handle long travel forks.


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    That yukon is shocking

    good bike radar review of the giant yukon


    tell your mate to stop being sooooooooo tight! The amount of money he will need to spend to fix the bits falling off means he would be spending more anyway.

    Find somewhere to rent and go to the trails. He will know if he wants to continue and invest in a real bike, not some rubbish for going to the shops.

    You could get him to get a bike from amazon for £100 and send him to fort william! Just make sure you get it on tape though! Jeremy Beadle would give a little thumb up for the footage if he was still here!


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