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  • £200 cash in ISA. What to invest in?
  • thegeneralist
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    @finbar trainers are a great investment ;0)

    It is fascinating stuff to be fair. Flipping seems like a mug’s game though

    Tell me more. My son just packed up and sold some Nike Bossacks for £295 that he bought in a raffle sale last month for £150
    He seems to think its a good way of making cash.
    Certainly outperformed my shares in that time….
    Whatami saying. It’s outperformed my shares over the last 2 years !

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    Nice! Not even heard of those. And – case in point – evidently you have to know your stuff on which ones to buy (or ‘cop’ as I believe the yoof say 😉 ).

    Seems like lots of people took a punt on these that may not be paying off…

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    2nd page and nobody has said crypto???

    Crypto market has taken a bit of a kicking these last few weeks. Get in now before the inevitable swing back up.

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    I thought there was a ‘k’ missing from the thread title…

    Buy some nice beer.

    Go out for a steak.

    Go watch the gee-gees and use the leftover from the ticket to bet?

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    Don’t be so rude.

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    If you want to own shit loads of shares then Amigo Loans is a definite option. Currently 50% down on last week at 2.5 pence. ( which is 99% down on the height) they’re just about to go bust though, so not so much high risk as zero chance:-)

    Did you buy any OP?

    Gone up by 83.39% last 5 days. 🙂
    Just managed a slightly better return than my son and his blummin trainers

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    Alas no I didn’t.

    AFC @.33p. it’s @.39 as I type this. That’s a couple of posh pints.

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    Well, I hope you didn’t invest in Cineworld! Down 85% this week alone!

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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