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  • £20 secret santa gifts?
  • faz083

    As the title says really. I have to buy for a middle aged man, he is married, no children, doesn’t do any sports as far as I know but he is quite fashionable/well kept.

    A friend got an NSD powerball last year (https://powerballs.com/). It’s a handheld gyro thingy, and it’s a cool gadget. I’d like to get something like that, which is a bit timeless, and isn’t edible, throw away, or boring.

    Any ideas?



    £20 for a Secret Santa gift? You do move in moneyed circles! I’m not spending that much on anyone except a VERY select few (two, actually: one way over, one 5p under)


    [moralhighground] We decided to all buy toys for kids, get a name, gender and age list from social services, you then buy a pressie for a kid that is in care. We sent them all off and they will get given them at crhistmas. Instead of buying each other a £10 thing we don’t really want that £10 toy hopefully would mean a lot more to a kid who might otherwise get nothing[/moralhighground]


    We used to do £1 secret santa. It was hilarious.


    yeah my first thought was an eighth, could have loads of fun with that on christmas day if he’s alone.


    Well the company is actually paying for everyone, do I’ll pay £20 yes why not!

    Thanks for the suggestion (1!),any others? Need to order today ideally.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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