20" Christmas bike project

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  • 20" Christmas bike project
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    My boy is starting to get a bit big for his 16″ frog bike but no major rush to replace it but I started looking for something new, was looking at something like the trek Superfly 20 but it’s quite pricey and he is growing really fast at the moment so I think he will be needing a 24″ in no time so plan was hatched to build a decent “20 cheap and save the money for a really good 24” when the time comes.

    Kept an eye out on local selling pages and found this and managed to get it for £25

    It’s a carrera Luna which is the girls version of the blast. Waiting for the kids to go to bed and snuck it in the house to strip it down.

    This is the keep pile (forks are being kept as well until I get something better)

    This is the bin pile…

    Which as you can see is quite a lot bigger 😆

    Plan is to get some decent bits together (already have spare stems, seat posts etc) and give it to him for Xmas as a “DIY” bike kit for us to build together, paint the frame and start from there.

    Have tyres and new brake levers on order, will also be getting a trigger shifter.

    Plan is to keep it cheap or I might has well just bought the trek!

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