2 sets of main pivot bearings in space of 6 months – is this normal

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  • 2 sets of main pivot bearings in space of 6 months – is this normal
  • benz

    Any reasons why bearings should fail so relatively frequently?

    Bike was new in May, main pivot bearings failed, replaced by seller under warranty in August, now swingarm floppy again with same main pivot bearings having failed again at weekend.

    Bike is not ridden that frequently and not used beyond intended use.

    This normal?

    Any reason for premature bearing failure?

    Premier Icon Simon

    What bike is it?


    What frame is it?


    I’d rather not say at this time – it’s my mates bike and he is communicating with the importer to assess the way forward.

    However, I have virtually never touched the bearings on my old Trance pivot – and there has never been any point.

    Just wondered if there was anything which may cause this relatively short lifespan…..he does not jump it and it’s never powerwashed….


    can be normal if bearings were cheap quality, or not fitted properly, or jetwashed etc.

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    Could be misaligned pivots – that would accelerate wear.


    Out of alignment or preloaded bearings not designed for it can fail quickly.

    Some frame designs will put far more load on bearings than others.


    Poor Bearings

    Regular Jetwashing

    Pivot Misalignment

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    Have you checked that the axle isn’t merely loose? Feels just like knackered bearings.

    (Depends on the axle arrangement you have, but since you won’t tell us which frame…)


    depends, on a specialized I had it would eat bearing that quickly due to poor alignment, but still within Specialized tolerances (which seems to be +/- 1 foot)


    Looked at it tonight and you can clearly see the play at the main pivot bearing and also see play at a bearing in the linkage.

    Just wondered if this was the norm…given my own experience with my old Trance which is still find and dandy.

    Mate is concerned that if replaced again, he’ll need Santa cruise past with another set for xmas….


    Have you let the cat out of the bag with the “santa cruise past” comment? No?
    I was going to ask if it’s a VPP bike. My Intense Tracer was terrible at first using the angular contact ones. I changed them to normal sealed bearings and they started to last a bit longer. Great bikes to ride, not to own. Might be great in sunnier climes rather than the UK!


    Ho ho ho!

    VPP it is, worth more than a cent but less than a dime….


    I am not a fan of angular contact bearings at all, I would be willing to share my knowledge of bearings with you, not on here!

    If you send me an email, we can chat about bearings and I can give you some advice for your friend, if your giant frame is over 2 years old I would check the bearings!


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