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  • 2 lights for night biking
  • nbt

    Brighter light on the bars. SMaller light on the head. THis is so the light on the head doesn’t over power the light on the bars, so you still see shadows. yet when you turn your head you still have light to see roudn the corner


    2 lights. 1 on the bar which is set on low. Will last longer on fire roads etc. head torch on low for something a little more technical and then full blast on the technical stuff. I have been out with just one on the head but two is added security

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Single helmet light.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Having had a few connector problems I always have two lights, last thing you want is one cutting out just as you go round a corner….

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    2 lights – one head and one bar. Brightest light on bars for depth perception, less bright light on head for seeing round corners.

    Currently using an Exposure Strada (yes I know it’s a road light but it just works!) and Diablo headlamp; rarely use the Diablo on more than medium though as it just seems to “blow out” detail on full.

    2 also gives a bit of a safety margin and you can manage them to give longer burn time. That said, not had probs with Exposures but I have had a few older lights that run flat unexpectedly or have been damaged by (ahem!) impacts or water getting in there.

    And trust me, you don’t want to be at the bottom of Deliverance with some broken lumicycles and a micro headtorch.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Both lights as bright.
    Narrow beam on head for pointing at stuff
    Wider beam on bars for a more flood the ground effect
    Works very well
    Ay-Up V4 Kit


    Two lights, mostly rely on helmet light which is brighter. Main reason for the setup is the light on my helmet is smaller.

    b r

    I’d been using an Exposure setup (Joystick/helmet and Toro/bars); worked fine on natural trails. But since I’ve lived in the Borders I’ve needed more/wider lights for GT/Inners. So have added a cheap Magicshine 800 to the bars also.

    Good fun.

    And single light…, you’d be well bolloxed if it fails/breaks around here.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    When a Li-ion cell dies, the first thing you notice is your 3-4 hr runtime suddenly becomes 1-2 hrs, which isn’t ideal if you’re an hour from the car in the dark with a dead battery!

    Premier Icon composite

    Magic shine on the lid and one on the bars, plus a spare in my bag. 🙂

    Premier Icon rugbydick

    Just sat watching numerous riders finish Glentress in the dark…

    Most have 2 lights, with a bright light on their bars and a not so bright light on their heads.
    I normally ride with the brighter light on my head, so I can see where I want to go rather than where the bike is currently going….

    What do you lot do and why?

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Same Ay-Up setup as mikewsmith above.


    Hope vision 2 on bars and R4 on me head. Both have been Trouted.

    Premier Icon trout

    Very old Liberator on the bars

    and very new Spidereyes on the lid

    the bar light is really not needed as the beam from the spider does it all so run the bar light on low just in case of a failure
    but in the spider beam even on high it doesnt show up

    beamshot of just the spider 😯

    Enjoyed last nights ride Jason and thanks for waiting at the top of the climbs

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