2 in five Beko washing machines explode

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  • 2 in five Beko washing machines explode
  • mrblobby

    It’s not 2 in 5 Beko washing machines though.


    I need to see a spectacular video of one exploding else it didn’t happen.

    Daily Fail’s video of the tumble dryer catching fire is pathetic also. Didn’t catch fire, just a bit of smoke coming out of it. Totally undramatic despite their claim.

    I’ve had a number of PCs do that when their caps go bang in the PSUs. A bang and smoke but house doesn’t burn down (not yet).

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Explode? I doubt that very much.


    But the internet said ‘2 in 5’ are you saying the internet lied to me 🙁


    The internet said that out of the few hundred reports they’d had about washing machines from many manufacturers, two fifths of those reports were for Beko machines.

    Premier Icon oldnpastit

    But the internet said ‘2 in 5’ are you saying the internet lied to me

    40% of all internet facts are actually untrue.


    The Internet is true 70% of the time, every time

    Got 5 just to be sure

    Premier Icon Cougar

    But the internet said ‘2 in 5’ are you saying the internet lied to me

    2 in 5 would be 40% of sales.

    The report you linked to says, “Which? research has uncovered hundreds of cases of washing machine glass doors exploding – and two in five [of those] are Beko machines.”

    Assuming the report to be accurate, there are 2.6 million washing machines sold in the UK each year.

    Of those, “hundreds” have broken doors. Let’s split that in the middle as it’s not specific and say 500 have broken. So 500 out of 2,600,000 machines fail (which is generous as I’m assuming failure in the same year, could be a several years old machine). 500/2600000 is, rounding up, 0.02% of machines. That’s slightly different from 40%.

    If was assume the average lifespan of a washer is five years, then the failure rate of “hundreds” is in the thousandths of a percent.


    I’ll only believe this when it’s in the guardian.

    Premier Icon rickon

    My 10kg Beko Washing Machine is chuffing amazeballs. Had an LG direct drive one before, but this is far better, incredibly quiet, takes a huge load, and lots of useful settings.

    Hope it doesn’t self destruct.

    EDIT: The likelihood is bonkers small: “out of more than three million washing machines sold by Beko since 2010, there have been 115 reported incidents, less than 0.003%”

    That’s less than the percentage of Orange Five frames failed last year


    None of you lot are invited to my kitten slumber party 🙁

    Well my Beko keeps on bursting into flames

    Ignore the fact it’s a Beko cooker, it still flames (this proves my internet point)

    runs off to eat cake in a bathtub full of tears 🙁

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    What a crap head line

    The washing machines don’t explode, just their glass doors.

    My Beko washing machine in the garage that I use for my cycling gear is set at 30 degrees.
    I can’t see how slightly warm water will cracking/explode the thick glass door.

    If you read the article that’s a massive 0.003% ….. “Exploding washing machines” how very Daily Mail

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