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  • orangeboy

    Use and sell lots of 2-bliss tyres and Normaly just use a track pump.
    Did have one captain sworks last week that jut would not inflate so just sent it back

    But far less issues with Spesh tyres than nobby nics or rons

    Ye the front went up with track pump its a purgatory though

    I like speci tyres as well


    Just make sure you dont drop the pressure too much and you’ll be fine. I dropped the pressure too much and ended up with three broken ribs.


    6 spesh tyres in use for my bikes no problems, seat one side first by puttin a tube in and then taking out, other side pops across no problems.

    Glupton that makes me feel much better what’s too low?


    Probably around 22psi. The tyre was pretty soft. I was just being lazy not pumping it up – I was just going from the top car park at GT to the bottom whilst the wife drove down the fire road after going round the green route with the kids. Tyre rolled off the rim as I was turning after coming off the bridge before the bit where the fire road crosses.


    Yep – another Purg 2bliss user here – f+r. They are a bit loose getting them on (Flows) but have gone up each time with a track pump. I’ve found trying to give the bead a bit of a push to the edges helps.

    Other than that they’ve been great – run at about 30psi currently. First set of tubeless so trying different pressures out to see what works.

    They do seem to lose air a bit but as above – first set of tubeless so not sure if that’s to be expected?

    So I had trouble getting a captain control 2 Blis to seat so went into my local bike shop.

    They used the compressor and got it in the end ( it was a bit baggy) it’s a tubeless rim with stans.

    Know the bike shop said they would be careful riding it as it might roll of the bead.

    If anyone knows me being careful it’s not some I shine at, should I worried? Any one rolled a 2 Bliss captain?
    Anyone running one no worries.

    Not a witch hunt on the shop they help me out a fair bit.


    had no problems in a few years of using spesh captains, decent tyre ime


    Captains and Storms here. The only thing that’s ever killed one is putting 80psi into a tyre (tubeless) and the bead is slightly warped. Still works fine though.

    Premier Icon jairaj

    been using some sworks captains on shimano ust rims. they normally inflate fine without issues and have never rolled off the rim or burped.

    I find the sidewalls are a bit thin and I don’t like the feeling of the tyre squirming so tend to run slightly high pressures.


    Had problems mounting a captain 2bliss on mavic ust, impossible till I put a strip of electrical tape on the inside of the rim to increase the diameter went up instantly and popped onto bead lock with a reassuring ‘pop’. doesn’t hold air that well though. it’s on the rear so I’ll run with it for a bit and not run it below 32 psi, though will probably change it soon.

    Front is a purgatory and that went up 1st time and holds air.

    captain was an older version, [different graphics to the purg]. unused though, so not a stretched bead.

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