2-3 day adventure in September …

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  • 2-3 day adventure in September …
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    So, the weekend I had pencilled in for a lads MTB weekend in the Lakes might, for various reasons, fall by the wayside for me, so to try and avoid becoming grumpy, I want to plan in a contingency trip for a different weekend, and looking for suggestions …

    My window will likely be Friday morning to Sunday tea-time. I’m based in Leeds and although willing to travel 2-3 hours-ish each way (car or train), want to maximise riding time. I guess that means North of England, North Wales, but not much further afield.

    Will probably be solo.

    Would consider MTB or Gravel. Or conceivably road.

    Willing to bike-pack/bivvy (but my experience is limited to one such trip so far, with a couple of mates, so a little daunted by the idea of doing it solo), or overnight in YHA, or pitch camp somewhere and use that as a base for riding from.

    So, inspire me with your suggestions …


    Tweed Valley if you can tolerate a slightly longer journey? Sandwich a day on the Innerleithen uplift between a couple of days riding at other locations in the valley perhaps.


    Sandstone Way? First train to Berwick Friday morning. Should be done in Hexham by lunchtime Sunday…
    Plenty of B&Bs and pubs en route.


    I’ was going to suggest Sandstone Way as well. We did it by parking the car at Berwick train station, train to Hexham (watch out for the influx of shoppers from the Metro centre) then an afternoon/evening ride to bivy; a full day to a bivy near Wooler then a longish morning back to Berwick.

    You’ll need to book the bikes on the train. Berwick to Newcastle is Virgin and on the train we had there was a guard’s “van” so plenty of room but for Newcastle to Hexham it was a Sprinter and there’s only room for two bikes.

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    Thanks. I’ve done the Sandstone Way before, interested in doing it again at some point but probably not this year.

    Looks like things might be lining up to still make some of the Lakes MTB weekend AND get in an overnight bivvy-North-Yorks-Moors gravel trip on a different weekend, so panic over! But would be good to hear other suggestions …

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