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  • 1×10 Shimano shifter – which one?
  • gee

    Lower price ones – not really. XTR always feels loads better and more durable.


    Yes. XT are faaaaar nicer to use than SLX. Lots more positive and have the double upshift click too. I’ve just been faffing with some XTRs and there isn’t a massive improvement, in fact I thought they had a rather heavy shift action and I prefer my XTs.

    Both the XTRs and my XTs are linked to identical XT clutch mechs.


    Had slx and now got xt. Xt is much nicer. Plus with xt you can change 2 gears at a time. Which is nice.

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Thanks all!


    my mate has a zee it seems much bigger than xt/slx on his bars so could affect brake set up if thats an issue for you

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Zee, SLX, XT, XTR – is there much between them other than price?

    With a clutch mech

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    I have an XT and an XTR. They each have a different feel to them. The XT has much stronger detents than the XTR. Really, it comes down to your personal preference.

    I haven’t tried one but have heard that the Saint is XTR quality, but has a feel more like the XT.


    Saint shifter is the pick of the bunch….if you like the way it shifts 🙂

    I’ve run Saint on my last few bikes and it’s top of the scale in terms of build quality, but as Joe mentioned, it doesn’t feel anything like XTR to me. Whether that is a good thing or not will depend on what you like. A bit like brakes really.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    New Saint is the best shifter ever made IMO. Lovely.

    I wouldn’t have the current XTR on my bikes tbh, rather have Deore, the lack of feedback and the ease of doubleshifting is just horrible. A throwback to the bad old days of Shimano. Luckily the rest of the range went directly for copying SRAM 😉

    Premier Icon chrisdw

    I have a Zee.

    Honestly… Its rubbish.

    XT is definitely much better. Double upshift and it feels much more instant when releasing. Zee feels like it has to click forwards then back to change, but XT just changes as soon as you push.

    Plus you can mount it to your Shimano brake levers and use just the one clamp.


    I have a Zee on one bike and XT on another and find the Zee fine really. It isn’t as smooth as the XT but it works very well and has been reliable enough.

    on the ‘old’ 9spd pods the XTR (970) was just fantastic. Light yet positive.

    but with the latest 10spd pods the XTR (980) doesn’t feel any better than the XT in use, for me. So of those two, I’d say go XT.

    Not tried the 10spd Saint though.

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    XT is indeed much nicer than SLX, not tried an XTR to compare but can’t see how it can be much better.

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    Liking my Saint, twinned with a Zee Mech.

    Premier Icon MSP

    Luckily the rest of the range went directly for copying SRAM

    Yeah I especially like how they copied the SRAM 2 direction lever action.


    Another vote for saint here. The instant release is only on it and XTR shifters, and it means every shift to a harder gear just fires into place in a fraction of a second. Combine that with long textured paddles and a brilliant positive feel. The best shifter that shimano makes, without a doubt.

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