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  • 1×10 setup advice….chain guide??????
  • Heya guys

    I’ve just Done a complete drive train change to SRAM x7/x9 2×10 setup 28t 44t on the front…
    I’m never going to use the 44t but I like the 28t it’s good gearing for how I ride.

    Basically I need to know what kinda chain device / guide I would need to buy to convert to 1×10

    I’ve got a 2008 s works enduro carbon and a SRAM x7 chain set ..

    Any help or if anyone has anything for sale let me know on here or via email in prof



    I use a blackspire stinger and n-gear jump stop.

    Hey Steve

    Does it matter what tooth chainring your running??

    And I’m guessing the chain never cones off.??


    I use a superstar one, a copy of the e13 one like this

    A mate has had one as well, but had problems with his. The difference?

    I’ve got a proper single ring up front, he runs an old ramped one from a triple chainset.

    I also run the SS guide. No probs. I run a dedicated 32t ring on mine.

    Ive run 1×10 now for two years and tried many options,you will need a top and bottom guide, even with a ss larger toothed ring youll drop your chain once in a while i did many a time using a Mrp 1×10 device.From that i moved on to a full device a Mrp lopes never dropped the chain but this was noisy and theguides were made of cheese , went through 3 lots of base plates and one upper guide in nine months.Just fitted a Straitline Silent Guide, superb! strong alloy no moving parts chain moves over and under polyurethane sliders,noise is to a min and no chance of it throwing a chain.Buy one you wont regret it


    JC, I’m running a 30t single ring. I suggested the stinger as it has a stepped roller that can be used with dual rings.

    You may find that the chainline is a bit strange when running in the big cog at the rear so a guide that is designed to move a little will help.

    The problem you will face (same as me) is most single ring guides are designed around a 32t+ chainring, so youll have to improvise a little if you want a bombproof guide (I never drop a chain).

    Mrp have shown a ‘Micro G2’ guide that works for 28t+ rings but there’s scant info about it at the moment.

    Also, have you heard of the Widgit?

    Just googled it…looks baddass…if it works..


    I have 2 bikes running 1×10. My DW Link 5 Spot runs an MRP Lopes and my On One runs the Superstar one above. The MRP is nice and quiet but the side plate cracked and broke which is apparently a common fault. They also aren’t cheap. The Superstars is cheap but is a little “draggy” and a tad louder but for the money who cares.
    I also run 32t front and 11-36 cassettes on both.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    E13 XCX. Dead simple to fit, works brilliantly.


    Anyone tried the e-13 LG1 Trail? Can this be used without a bash?
    Are the LG1s quiet?


    I did run a 1×9 once and never dropped a chain, I did not use a guide. The need for a guide will depend on your style of riding. For me it’s XC in the flats of Suffolk/Essex. Thetford is as techical as it gets.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Would a 28t single ring not leave you woefully under geared 😕

    I use one of those Superstar ones too, reet good.


    +1 for the straitline.


    MRP 1X on 3 bikes, all brilliant having used for the past year.

    At SITS last year I was frantically replacing a Superstar one on a fellow racer’s bike at about 3am when his fell apart…



    proflexforever – You’ve hopefully sussed this, but how are you converting it to 1 X ? Just removing the 44t ring? If its the 10 speed X7 I think its like the X9 and X0 chainsets running 120 and 80bcds. This means you can’t easily fit a bash ring. I’m in the process of changing to 1×10 on my X9 chainset and the only people to offer a decent solution seem to be Homebrewed components. They offer spiderless chainrings for Sram 2×10 chainsets. Only problem is the delay. Ordered mine nearly 10 weeks ago…
    They also do a set up using the inner ring and a bash which looks interesting.
    Sorry if I’m teaching you to suck eggs.

    its on a 104 BCD. FSA do cheap plastic bashrings, with the right BCD that should replace the 44t ring??


    Many of the chain guides mentioned may not go down low enough for a 28 tooth ring. I’ve just got one of these and have used it once but it seems effective enough. £20 or thereabouts.


    It’s basically a thinner bashguard that fits to your granny ring tabs so you end up with an old type MRP but without the rollers – a bashguard on both sides.

    The dmr viral seems to go down to a 28t setup…..that’s what I want but it is £70


    cheaper than the straitline!


    I’ve just built up a bike on 1×10 using the Superstar guide. It dropped the chain once on my short testing ride but that was with a standard XT middle ring. Have since put on a Renthal SS non-ramped ring and am hoping that’ll be a bit better.

    I’m liking the look of the Radium guide though and if i get any problems with my curent set up i’ll go bash guard and Radium which i think would look neater as well. Plus it’s very cheap compared to the competition.

    Really. How many times does this question need to be asked on here. Literally every single day someone asked it!

    FWIW – MRP MiniG2 on my ‘big’ bike and did run a Superstar 1X copy on my old Summer Season. Both perfect.

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