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    E13 is nice. as is renthal.


    if its just a single ring that your having then any 9 speed ring will work fine.

    the internal spacing of a 10 speed chain is the same as a 9 speed, its only the external spacing that is narrower.

    they say that if your having a front mech with 10 speed stuff you should have 10 speed specific chainrings for smoother shifting, but people have used 9 speed ones fine (depending on the set up)


    As above I need a 32 tooth chainring suitable for 10 speed chain… I need to get it form CRC as I have some credit. I see there is a hope one for £32 suitable for 9 or 10 speed chains or will any 32tooth 9 speed single ring do?

    9 Speed

    10 speed

    I will be using a LG1+ style device with top guide, bottom guide and taco so no bash ring if possible.

    Thanks in advance.


    the setup would be…

    HG81 11- 36 Cassette
    KMC 10 speed Chain
    Narrow chain ring bolts
    LG1+ style device with upper,lower and taco
    Suitable chain ring

    I’m currently running…
    2×10 M590 32,24 (was 3×10 originally)
    HG81 11-34
    KMC 10 speed chain
    Bash ring
    all 10 speed specific.
    I would be ditching the left shifter and cables (obviously)

    So in summary I can just get the renthal ring and it’ll be fine?

    Renthal 32t is on sale at CRC, it’s about the best of them.


    thanks guys…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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