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    Doesn’t answer it, buzz – think about it.

    Just put 1×10 on my Soul – measured up chain using the “two biggest rings plus 2” method, joined up the chain, and the derailleur nearly ties itself in a knot in the 36t ring. Had to add back in two links, and it’s still quite tight. I used the exact same method on my Spicy, and it worked perfectly.

    Why? Same method, and identical parts (other than an E13 LS1 on the Soul and an MRP Lopes on the Spicy) – SRAM X9 Short Cage, XT 11-36 Cass, 34t ring on both.


    i had to add 4 extra links to my setup fom the usual around the big chainring and cassette , otherwise the rear mech was stretch right forward. btw i’m running 32 front 34-11 rear

    Yeah, I added two, still a shade tight.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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