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  • 1st time at Afan
  • I would say park at the bike park and do W2 which is whites and the wall then you can play in the park.


    +2 & stay at Afan lodge if looking for digs


    This weekend i’m over in wales and thought about Afan for the Saturday.

    Not sure on logistically the best plan.

    advice on parking and the best trails to hit in the day would be great.

    Like to put a little distance in but views (weather permitting) and jumpy bits would be great. Definately prefer down to up but have legs!


    P.s i can ride.


    Perfect, thanks.

    The dirt park…..just show up and ride? fees?

    Given the current closures/diversions/alterations, go to Brechfa instead.


    Was in Afan a couple of weeks ago. Had a great trip, great trails and great fun, but Brechfa was betterer.

    Oh, and if you’re at the top by the park (which is a bit meh, IMHO), be sure to head up the hill and ride the 4X track. That was, simply put, the most fun of the whole trip! We rode it after riding Y Wall and Whites as a loop, and between the first post ride beer and a shower. Super happy fun time! 🙂


    Yeah I get the feeling afan is looking a bit tired and the Wall is a bit of an old skool trail at this stage. I’d suggest Brechfa too!!


    Fantastic – enjoy, but try not to get a separated shoulder like I did on my last visit!
    Tim 😀

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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