First CAT4 race tomorrow, any advice welcome.

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  • First CAT4 race tomorrow, any advice welcome.
  • mrmo

    start here.

    Just in case, i would strongly suggest you go out with a club before you start racing, learn how to ride fast in a group in training, you don’t want to learn in a race!!! Sportives don’t count.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    So, daft question, where are these races generally advertised? I’m in the North West

    There’s a filter down the left hand side, can search by type of event, location etc.
    Search for Road & Closed Circuit / North West
    There’s loads on:
    Salt Ayre (Lancaster)
    Preston Sports Arena
    Litherland (Liverpool)
    Tameside (Ashton, Manchester)
    they’re the main cycle specific closed circuit facilities with week-night races but there are loads of road races for 3rd & 4th Cats as well.

    Whereabouts in the NW are you?


    Near Horwich. Kids limit what I could get out for, but I’ll have a look on British Cycling, thanks!

    neilsonwheels, how did you get on?

    20th ish out of around 70. Got bunched in and couldn’t unleash the guns for the line. Insanely dangerous fun. Averaged 25.7 over 30 laps. Learnt a lot and will be doing it again.

    One additional thing that nobody mentioned is make sure your garmin is charged before the big day.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Why? It’s not that much use unless you’ve got power, and even then a 4th cat race will nearly always come down a sprint! Focus on what’s going around you, not your Garmin.

    Well done though, glad you enjoyed it!


    Nice one. Staying upright is surely a bonus for your first one! How rinsed were you, what kind beasting solo session would you compare it too?

    Premier Icon Haze

    So tempted to dip my toe into a Cat 4….


    I don’t know if opinion differs, but I recently re evaluated my circuit race approach for hour plus races. I stay in the top five and do a large amount of the work, essentially controlling things.
    The first outing trying it this way got me a 7th, a slight tweak and I won the following week, though in LVRC which is usually a bit faster than 3/4 but slower than E/1/2/3

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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